Thursday, 5 September 2013

Cargo Uni shopping

Well its drawing closer, the day Paige steps out into the world on her own, moving into halls of residence and studying like mad, oh and wild parties ...I won't go there.

The last few weeks have been a shopping whirlwind for essentials for her room and kitchen in halls.

She is now budgeting and has been keen to buy good quality items but at low cost.

Both she and I love our pretty decoration and for needed  items like bedding and crockery I encouraged her to buy for her eyes as well as practical use. So she has a lovely floral vintage style bedding set,cute plates and Cath Kidston teapot and cup set.

Cargo asked if I would like to look at their range that is ideal for uni and well any home. You may remember I featured their cake stand and fab vintage style cake tins recently. They are a great addition to the kitchen, not just practically but they are attractive and great to have on display.

They sent Paige a lovely Hearts tea towel and Buttons photo frame.  These will brighten up her uni rooms no end!

Hearts Tea Towel 2 for £6
The tea towel is really thick,will be great for Paige as she plans t ocook a lot at uni,which brings the inevitable washing up and drying. Its £3.50 for one and 2 for £6 which for the quality and thickness is very reasonable!

Buttons Photo Frame £8

The   pastel buttons are placed in a chequerboard design amongst brightly-painted squares with diagonal stripes. Its a nice size for her room,she is unable to put anything on the wall,she has a new bedside table and will be choosing a nice photo to go in it, I'm hoping its of me!! 


  1. I love the buttons photo frame :)

    1. Its so cute! Been browsing there is a bigger frame too.

  2. Replies
    1. It is so nice, I was hoping Paige may forget to take it!

  3. A very unique idea, pretty and colourful, ideal for a present for someone

  4. I really like both items. I think they're so pretty.

  5. Definitely good present ideas.

  6. Photo frames are for our memory.All are very beautiful Decorative photo frames.