Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Right Shower

Finally we get to get a shower in place. Chris has pined since we moved into our new home  to be with Granny he loves a shower, he is not keen on  bath like me.

We have been managing with a handheld shower. Its been pretty tough and especially for myself.I cannot bathe as my finger is broken and splinted,I can but I have to wear a big rubber glove,tape my arm and not stay in long enough to relax as the plaster gets damp. that has been fun for three months,one handed with a shower hose,not so funny.

So using some saved Amazon vouchers, I have invested in a Mira Vie. The reviews are good, I have bought all the fixings too, the 45 amp pull switch,apparently cheaper than my friend's supplier He will fit it next week, Chris's belated birthday present and I will not have to lay the shower down to reach for the shower gel,shampoo razor etc.


But there's  always a problem,the bath is not up against the wall and I imagined it would be easy to get a two sided bath screen, with an end and side. Well no its not!!

I have hunted high and low and the cheapest I could find was £360 specially made!!!

So we are a bit stuck, a shower curtain may not contain the water, it may with me as I am sedate in my showering habits, Chris and Conor make the bathroom look like a tidal wave went through. What is it with men!!

Does anybody out there have a bath not up against the wall, do you know a solution,let me know??


  1. only have a bath at the moment and although i love baths i miss having showers too

  2. only have a bath at the moment and although i love baths i miss having showers too

  3. Oh dear - hope you finger heals soon! My bath is against the wall so cannot really advise. But I know what you mean about men and boys flooding the bathroom! When I was with my 'ex' he used to soak the bath mat so much I had to put it in the spin dryer every time he used it! I used to say to him 'When I am ready to step out the bath, I shake my feet first then step out onto the mat so why can't you????' I never soaked the mat like he did. He would soak the floor too! Weird eh!? My two girls are also much better at keeping the floor dry than my two boys - so it must defo be a male 'thing'!

  4. We have a bath with shower over. The wall side is bottom half wall and top half window, so we use a shower curtain that's been shortened. The other side, we have a folding side which you fold out and is clipped into place on a fold down edge-type-thing. I hate it because when it folds, it folds into the bath and I can't reach the shower. I don't know if it could be fixed to fold outside the bath.
    It's only a 3/4 bath screen and doesn't have an end.

  5. Our bath is against the wall but has a massive window across it, so so cant use a screen, like you. we have a shower curtain track attached to the ceiling that runs along the short side (window) and then a curved corner and goes the length of the bath. works just fine. Much cheaper than £360

  6. Hope your injury is getting better xxx Hope you are keeping well too xxx

  7. Same problem - we just gave up in the end.