Friday, 9 August 2013

Method Cleaning Products Review

Method are a 'new to me' review range,but certainly not new to my home, it was strange when Method asked me if I would like to try their range, I am already a mad fan and told them so, although I have been sent a couple of unfamiliar products.

I  am very much aware of not just recycling and not wasting resources but I am increasingly interested in sustainable products,those that put something back. I like furniture that is from a sustainable source, rechargeable products and while shopping I will pick up the brands who practice this. Method were recently voted with a score of #1 B Corp for Environment! that means of the more than 650 B Corporations worldwide, they have the #1 score for their environmental performance.

Now don't get me wrong, I do use 'non green' products as well, but if a cleaning brand is effective, eco friendly and furthermore smells really great, I will pick it off the shelf more often. Added to that if its roughly the same price and Method often is I am a happy bunny!

I want to talk about the familiar to me cleaning spray first.

Method Multi Purpose Pink Grapefruit as you can see it was already in the cupboard and up for replacement.
I have to mention the fragrance first, its the first thing  to hit the nose as it hits the kitchen sides.
Cleaning is a task,a chore to me, I do it, it needs doing, but its boring. I can think of many more things to do with my time. But it has to be done. 

So I like it to be livened up and for me the scent or a pretty bottle helps, the Pink Grapefruit does just that. Its fresh,zingy,smells squeaky clean and I happily spray around the sides,go off to do something else and come back and the room smells good.

However a multi surface cleaner needs to clean! I find that it does. It tackles grease well,the cooker is cleaned with mine, its great for shiny sinks, plus it removes the tea stains when Chris makes tea, (apparently its not him!!)

I use it in the bathroom too, its probably just for kitchen use, but I find it great there too. 
I buy mine in Sainsbury, Waitrose or the Co Op,its £3 but it really lasts as long as other brands,in fact I find a little longer. However it is so often on offer,currently Waitrose have it at 2 for £4.50  so I wait and buy then.

Now this was my favourite fragrance, but Method have converted me to the Clementine Daily Kitchen,the scent of clementines is lovely. I can quite see this one being a keeper. I imagine it will be lovely at Christmas too. It cleans just the same and is very yummy!

Method sent me a washing up liquid to try and I have been using for four weeks,as you can see from my top photo it lasts well. I do have a dishwasher,but many dishes and pans do not go in,Chris has used it after using my Crafond for a very sticky cheesy pasta dish and the Method worked as well as any other washing up liquids.

Oh and the fragrance cucumber...its very nice,fresh and smells clean.
Its a pump dispenser bottle, which suits me as I like to add my liquid to a sponge to wash dishes and then rinse.I must warn you that for squirting into the bowl, it spurts quite a way, I found that by using less pressure and directing the nozzle down into the water that avoids this,its a great pump action so maybe a little fine tuning could be done,but its a very small con. 

I did look this up online and its double the price of most other brands, I am not sure why as the other Method products weigh in actually cheaper when on offer. This is sad for me as I loved it but also have to watch the pennies. However Method may not be able to compromise the green pledge to bring this to a comparative price?

The final product I had to review is the Method  French Lavender hand wash, this is a joy to use,the addition of bergamot, chamomile and purple sage is scrummy, its currently in Granny's bathroom, she likes it and I do too. I like that it smells great,is non toxic for my skin and good for the environment. 

So to conclude.

 Method is great for the environment, good on skin,no nasty chemicals mean its safe, I imagined this extended to people with allergies so I had a look on the Method website. I was right,it is also going to be beneficial for asthma sufferers as their are no fumes to inhale. 

The bottles are attractive,love the pump dispenser actions once you realise they are quite strong.  

The cleaning ability is brilliant.
The fragrances are so good, it makes my cleaning a little more bearable.

The prices on most products are a little dearer,my advice is look out for the deals in shops if this is a concern and hoping Method look at the price of the dish washing liquid,but I will happily pay a bit more for the cleaners and hand soaps.

Have any of you ever used Method, I would be keen to know about other finds?

Disclosure.I was sent Method products to try, all views are my own,I was given no other incentive or payment.


  1. They sound great! Love that they're eco friendly.
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Friday Hun xoxo

    1. They are great, I will pop over and have a look,thanks for visiting.

  2. I got a bottle the other day in Weitrose only because of the note - non toxic

    1. You won't regret it! Love the fragrances and with great cleaning even better.

  3. I like the colours but not the expense. If they were on offer then I'd consider getting some because they'd look lovely in the house.

  4. Am using the glass cleaner at the moment and its brilliant

  5. The best part is that they're number one when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

  6. The French Lavender Hand Wash smells so wonderful that my little boy asked me whether I washed my hands with perfume!