Friday, 16 August 2013

Letts for The Lecture Theatre!

In just under four weeks Paige will be moving out and starting an exciting journey to Derby University. I am incredibly proud of just what she has achieved and how hard she has worked. She is very self motivated and very organised, the last two months I have had her typed out lists adorning the fridge, these are lists for Things to buy 'things to do before going' and 'Uni Couse supplies'

One thing high on the list were diaries she wanted a big 'week to view' and a mini, she will have lectures to attend, a work placement schedule, work roster for home (she still intends to commute and work here), oh and her Freshers Week events. With a new suddenly very busy year,a  diary is a really important piece of uni kit to ensure she is always in the right place.

Letts are well known for good quality stationery, they got me through college and now they are going to aid our next generation. 

They sent Paige a Noteletts edge 18 month diary,it ticks all the boxes, it has a week to view with notes. A term timetable. It also has lots of ruled,squared and blank pages for those all important notes.

When we attended the University the course lecture emphasised that students need to be organising well for all aspects of their studies, they would be responsible to themselves now for attendance note taking etc. 

Paige had her serious business head on and chose the black design, I  think she will be choosing differently for next year when she is more relaxed into uni life, Letts have a great range of pretty designs to brighten up a students bag.


  1. A diary was an absolute lifesaver when I started university!

  2. Sending lots of good luck to Paige for her starting UNI!!! I hope you manage to hold back the tears Jo - I cried when the kids started school so I dread to think what I will be like if they have to leave for uni! Since becoming a mum I have turned into a right mush and cry at anything!

  3. Good luck to Paige. My little one starts school in two days! Oh gosh, it's come round too soon.

  4. I needs a Letts for Foundation (all those parties that will need to be scheduled in) :)

  5. Aww, good luck to Paige! :)