Friday, 9 August 2013

Lechuza Self Watering Pots

Lechuza, the leading German manufacturer of self watering planters and pots, is launching in the UK. They sent me one of the pots to try out and I must say I  am pretty impressed, with my hand damaged and having to rely on Chris to water pots, cook, clean and all other jobs I am struggling with especially tasks that are wet, this has been a very useful item for this time, I also envisage great for when on holiday and well everyday. 

I enjoy watering my plants,I count it as a time to just be, pottering around the garden, dead heading and giving my beauties a drink. However my non gardening enthusiasts helpers, Paige and my friend are often left to water for me, especially now with my right hand out of action, this can cause my pot plants to be a bit neglected.

Now I have one Lechuza pot and I want more!!!

Its a sub irrigation system,  which provides plants with the exact amount of water they need for optimum growth for up to 12 weeks, so before you can plant it needs assembling, Chris found this easy.

The Lechuza sub-irrigation system includes an easy to read water level indicator, water supply shaft for easy fertilising and watering, and separator with ‘pon’ layer, which ensures just the right amount of water reaches the plants. When outdoors, the removable drainage plugs prevent excess rainwater from damaging plants.

I had to look up what the 'pon' layer is, if you are interested its explained far better by Lechuza

LECHUZA PON is the plant substrate from LECHUZA for house and pot plants. It is the ideal alternative to conventional potting soil - particularly in combination with the LECHUZA sub-irrigation set. LECHUZA PON stores added nutrients which are then released to the plants as they need them. It can also retain up to 40% of its volume in water while at the same time maintaining the optimum air pore volume. LECHUZA PON supports aeration of the roots whilst providing optimum dosage of water to the plants.
Each LECHUZA planter comes with the appropriate amount of LECHUZA PON needed to plant with a combination of LECHUZA PON and potting soil. Those wishing to pot their plants in LECHUZA PON only will need to purchase additional quantities of the plant substrate.

We decided to mix with multi purpose compost,its been in place for about a month and as you can see the plant is thriving, what I like is the easy carrying liner,which means a tender plant prone to frost can be removed from the pot easily. The pot itself is very light so easily moved about the garden, I moved my Cleome for this shot so you could see it easily. I am very impressed with my new pot, add that to the range of gorgeous looking pot designs and I want lots more in the garden and indoors.

Below is other info from Lechuza and their website, I recommend you take a look if you are a plant enthusiast  like gorgeous planters for the home and do not have the time to water,or maybe struggle.

The injection-moulded plastic planters and pots offer excellent design, high quality and value for money. The brand has been available on the European market since 2000 and to date, one in every three planters in German offices is a Lechuza. It has also been awarded numerous awards including the coveted Red Dot Award for product design.

The company hopes to replicate this success in the UK, where Lechuza planters can already be seen in hotel lobbies, airports and workplaces.

The pots, which are widely used by professional landscapers and green fingered consumers, are famed for their sub-irrigation system.

The wide choice of sizes and styles available makes Lechuza ideal for any type of planting, whether growing herbs or fruit, showcasing flowers or creating a larger focus point, with options for hanging baskets and windowsill planters. Each Lechuza plant pot is made from 100% recyclable plastic, meaning they are lightweight and, unlike materials such as terracotta, are both frost and shatter proof. The range also offers two styles of plant liners that allow easy transfer for repotting.

There are three main styles available:

·  Wicker style finish
·  11 colours available including mocha, granite, yellow, white, black, purple
·  7 styles including Nido hanging baskets, Balaconera for window sills, three sectioned Trio and cylindrical 


Sizes from 18cm to 75cm in height with a wide variety of base widths

 High gloss finish
·         9 colours available including white, grey, black, purple, red, yellow
·         12 styles available including table planter Delta, square Cubico and rounded Classico
·         Sizes range from 25cm to over 1m in height with a variety of base widths


·  Matte finish
·  4 colours available including white, nutmeg, purple and slate
·  2 styles available include rounded Classico, and square Cubico
·  Sizes range from 18cm in height to over 75cm with a variety of base widths

Jamie Dickinson from Lechuza commented: “Plants make a huge difference to the environment around us, but not everyone has the time to look after them or a big budget for expensive solutions. We noticed this gap in the market and used our experience and expertise working with plastic to address this. Lechuza planters harness the latest technology to provide self watering planters of a high quality, for indoor and outdoor use. With RRPs starting from less than £10, the range also suits all budgets.”

Lechuza was created by the makers of Playmobil toys, building on a longstanding history of working with high quality injection moulding.

To find out more visit or phone 01268 548111.


  1. What a brilliant idea! I always forget to water the plants!

    1. I forget when it rains and they don't get watered by the rain,it bounces off the leaves.

  2. such a great idea!

  3. I don't forget when its dry, but when it rains I do neglect mine,they still need the water so this is fab, watering four times a year,can't be bad!

  4. This would have been brilliant whilst I was on holiday recently, came back to find all my pots containing yellow dead plants

    1. I hate that,you spend so much time on them and then go away and lose them,its gutting and costs a lot too.

  5. I like the one in the bathroom. Good idea.

    1. Its gorgeous isn't it, a great idea for orchids as I have been guilty of over watering!

  6. These would make nice Xmas presents

  7. What a clever little system! The pots look wonderful too!

  8. Brilliant idea but sadly it's too late for my orchid! I'm rubbish at keeping pot plants alive.