Friday, 9 August 2013

Hellman's Flavoured Mayonnaise Review

I already buy Hellman's mayo, it saved the day when I was on Slimming World it meant I could use the Lighter than Light Mayonnaise and add to make salads more tasty and potato salad just as good. If you are one of my Slimming World readers its 1/2 syns for a whole tablespoon, now that is very good. It also is great in cakes as us slimmers know,it replaces butter well and makes a moister cake.

I wrote to several companies after watching Hugh's Chicken Out campaign and asked would they consider using free range eggs in their products,most ignored the email or wrote back about cost effectiveness, Hellman's were the only company to write back with a promise that they would be doing this,so they already have my loyalty. All their mayos are made using free range eggs. A massive thumbs up fromme!

I loved the Hellman's mayo with garlic, I am sad this has gone,one because the taste was great and two because it was another low synned item that made all sorts of meals more flavourful.

Recently Hellman's invited me to 'Add some spark to my meals with Hellman,s  Flavoured Mayonnaises to bring an exciting twist to everyday dishes including Mayonnaise with a Twist of Pepper and Mayonnaise with a Spark of Chilli' I was sent the Pinch of Mustard and I noticed online there is a Mayonnaise with a touch of Garlic so I will be checking that out.

The new range are in squeezy bottles, and its very easy to get to your mayo quickly,the lid makes it nice and clean and its sits upside down in the fridge door which also saves me space.

Taste wise I decided to be simple and had a cheese salad roll for lunch with a generous squeeze of the mayo, it is sweeter than I imagined, the mustard is not hot for those who do not like the mustard kick. I do  but it still has a nice mustardy note.

I have also added to mash whencooking sausages and its very good,especially if serving onion gravy,I may just try adding to a roux sauce to see how that turns out.

Hellman's have a great selection of recipes online and I have been getting some inspiration there.

I also have learnt a few unusual tips and I thought you would like to know those too.

 Hellmann’s is also great for hair! Massage it into your hair and scalp, cover your head with a shower cap, wait several minutes and then shampoo. The mayonnaise will moisturise your hair and give it a 
lustrous sheen 

Mayonnaise also makes plant leaves shiny! Professional florists use this trick to keep house-plant leaves vibrant and clean. You can do just the same thing at home. Just rub a bit of mayonnaise on the leaves with a paper towel and they will stay bright for weeks and weeks at a time!

Apologies for wandering off topic, back to the new additions, with the mustard one being a success, I will be trying a few more now. I have my eye on Spark of Chilli, as you know I like a kick in a recipe. The Zing of Lemon will also get a trial and again this blog is littered with my love for citrus. 


  1. This should go great. On chicken with a squirt of honey before popping under the grill!

  2. Lovely on hot dogs and beef sandwiches!

  3. This would be nice when making a bean salad. Glad they're henethical.

    1. Ooh bean salad! Like that phrase 'henethical!'

  4. Hellmans with mustard would be a wonderful accompliament with beef burgers and onion, though my favourite is the Hellmans with chilli.

  5. I've tried mayonnaise multiple times but still can't bring myself to like it! I'm hoping my tastes change as it seems to come on every store bought sandwich there is!

  6. I tend to buy Hellmans when it is on offer, I know it is the best but mostly I can only afford the shops own brand.

  7. Love mayo but it does tend to make your sandwich or salad less healthy

  8. Might give this a try!

  9. This stuff is amazing! Cant have a cold meat sandwich without it now! Beautiful with ham.

  10. I have tried a few of their flavours but this one (the mustard) is my favourite!