Friday, 2 August 2013

Happy 21st Birthday Percy Pig

Percy Pig turns 21!

Happy Birthday Percy!
Percy Pig celebrates his 21st birthday this summer. To mark the occasion, MandS has launched a range of delicious new treats to enjoy, and revealed some fun facts about Percy’s international rise to fame.

First my own fun facts.
Chris and I met a year after Percy was born.
We collected cute pig cards, gifts ornaments until we grew up a little, but Percy Pig stayedforfamily moments,sweets with a DVD, birthdays etc.
Paige and her boyfriend Rick have a real love of Percy Pig, he is usually bought in some form for their special days.

Ricky loved his Percy Pig Cake last year,although chopping into his cute face is a bit cruel,though the imagined taste soon sorts that fear out!!

To celebrate Percy’s milestone, an exciting new range of products have arrived to help us all celebrate, including a limited edition Percy and Penny Pig bag £1.39 – the first time they have been brought together and they look very cosy in the bag nestled amongst sweet hearts

The Percy and Penny sweets are so adorable,the cute piggy faces and cute heart sweets

My favourite are the Percy in a Twist,seriously sweet and sharp,its good to see more veggie gelatine sweets on the shelf too. I cannot leave them alone.

Happy Birthday Percy, thanks for sweetening our days and here's to the next 21 years!!

Other products available include vegetarian Phizzy Wands 85p, and a butter sponge birthday cake £5 (310g).

  • In 1992, Percy Pig was born as a small batch of sweets developed by M and S buyer Bill Davis.
  • Twenty one years later, more than 10 million bags of Percy Pig are flying off M and S shelves every year, with two sweets being eaten every second.
  • Percy has his own Appreciation Society on Facebook boasting over 250,000 members!

Happy Birthday Percy!
Did you know…?
  • Only a very small batch of sweeties were first produced, as the buyer at the time was fairly convinced a pink jelly pig wouldn’t take off (no pun intended)
  • The M&S buyer who helped create Percy, Bill Davis still works at M and S and is now one of our soft fruit buyers
  • In 2008 Percy became officially fashionably famous and by making UK Vogue’s 2008 hot list at number 11 on the top style bible's 40 hottest people and trends to watch
  • Percy has championed NAFNAC for the confectionery team – with no artificial flavours or no artificial colours and is made with real fruit juice
  • It took almost a year to develop Percy, as Percy's texture was completely unique to anything produced before by M and S
  • The idea for Percy originally came from a black and white liquorice Panda sweet
  • Percy was going to be cherry flavoured, before his own unique flavour was developed
  • Due to demand a ‘veggie’ version was launched in August 2011 without gelatine and quickly became hugely popular among vegetarians
  • Percy is a famous face who has also graced an Easter egg, ice-cream, juice drink, cupcake and biscuit; as well as cuddly toys, t-shirts, mugs and piggy banks (of course) to name but a few


  1. i love Percy Pigs, cant believe he is 21 years old.

  2. There's snowt better than Percy Pig.

  3. My little man loves them. Didn't realise they were around for so long.

  4. I always eat the ears off first ha ha!!

  5. Love Percy!!! His sweets contain fruit juices - so part of out five a day lol!

  6. Love the veggie Percy Pigs and veggie Colin the Caterpillar. There should definitely be more vegetarian sweets at M&S.

  7. I can't believe they've been around that long! Love Percy Pigs!

  8. Have a good one!
    Lets hope for next 21!

  9. Many happy returns, could just eat a packet now

  10. Can't believe they have been around that long! Makes me feel very old