Monday, 12 August 2013

Douwe Egberts Enticing Chocolate Review

You may remember that I reviewed Douwe Egberts The Flavour Collective recently they offer a delicious everyday treat that’s a little bit different from your usual cup. The flavoured coffees have been a real hit here,Chris the real avid coffee drinker surprised me when he said he loved the Caramel flavour and enjoyed the Hazelnut and Vanilla too.

I never thought he would go for sweeter style coffees. For my friends its been nice to offer them a hot drink that is a little different and they have caused lots of discussions on favourite flavours.

If you are on Slimming World Douwe Egbert Flavour Collectives are free to drink, my friends who are still not at target, say they take the edge of a sweet craving.

I like the caramel flavour, but I prefer a less sweet taste, Douwe Egberts told me they had launched a new flavour Enticing Chocolate!!! I was hopeful this may be the one I loved and I  do.

When I opened the jar its like coffee flavoured chocolate more than chocolate flavoured coffee.Its a lovely fragrance. Chris and I tried together and he loved it too,he said it reminds him of Irish coffee, perhaps as I make mine with chocolate liqueur. I am very happy as its not sweet, this is my favourite so far.

I could imagine this made with ice cold milk so I gave it a go.One teaspoon was just nice for me and half a teaspoon of sugar to sweeten it.Very refreshing.
I will be adding this to fat free fromage frais and mixing it with raspberries for a low fat sugar free dessert!

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Disclosure: I received a jar of Douwe Egberts Enticing Chocolate to review,I was given no other incentive or paid and my views are my own.