Monday, 12 August 2013

Dairylea’s Dunkers NEW Mighty Mature & Fruity Pineapple


The children will soon be going back to school, I hated the start of the 'Back to School' ads and posters, both when I was a school goer myself, also when my two were preparing for September. It seemed crazy to be looking at dull school jumpers, blazers in the summer time, but it happens to all of us parents.

One of the nice activities though is picking out the new lunch box, it still is a task even for older teens, Paige has been buying new sandwich boxes herself, keep cups and planning easy but brain feeding lunches that will keep her going through lectures.

What to put in them is always something to consider, it has to be filling, healthy and above all tasty. Sarnies can get very dull.

Dairylea have come out with two new dunkers flavours and sent us some to try, now Granny likes Dairylea, she used to make me mashed tomato and Dairylea triangles on bread when I was younger, it tastes better than it sounds honest!! so I have also been getting her to try out the new varieties for lunch. Paige wants to buy these for lunch,she dips celery and spring onion in hers.

She likes the Fruity Pineapple, she had some salad to dip in as well, as the biscuits run out far too quickly,we love those too.

But my favourite new addition is the Mighty mature,its just perfect for snacking, it actually is very creamy and light flavoured, not too strong for little Dunkers!

A great twist on the children’s party classic, NEW Fruity Pineapple Dairylea Dunkers combine juicy pineapple with all the dairyliciousness of original Dairylea for a lunchbox treat with a hint of sweetness that kids will love. 

Also part of the range is NEW Mighty Mature Dairylea Dunkers, made from the tangiest mature cheddar which will definitely get your tastebuds tingling!

The new Dunkers  cheese dips  have been introduced following the successful launch of Mighty Mature and Springy Onion cheese spreads earlier this year and the brand’s move to an all-natural ingredient recipe. 
Dairylea has been a firm favourite on family shopping lists for over 60 years and the new recipes mark the latest step in the brand’s journey to provide the best possible taste and nutritional credentials for families across the UK.
New Fruity Pineapple and Mighty Mature Dairylea Dunkers will be available in multi pack formats at all major supermarkets with an RRP of £2.28. For more information visit or


  1. I'm shamelessly addicted to dairylea dunkers... Will definitely be buying this!

    1. Ha,they are definitely addictive, we have not left them alone!

  2. Cheese gives me migraines so cant eat it myself but my children and granddaughter love them

  3. Will have to look out for these.

  4. Thanks for the review - look good for lunch boxes.

  5. Hehe, I absolutely HATED the "back to school" ads myself, it used to ruin the Summer for me! :/
    On a positive note, we're fans of mature cheese, and this sounds lovely!

  6. My little lad has just started junior school and we are struggling to keep his packed lunch interesting... might give these a whirl!