Monday, 12 August 2013

Bisto Midweek Meal Challenge

Now its Monday and not strictly midweek, but Bisto asked me if I would like to try out some recipes using their gravy granules  and supplied me with a stack of midweek meal recipes and a shopping voucher to buy the ingredients. Now regular readers know I have a broken finger,splinted and being a complete pain,I am really missing cooking and relying on Chris and Paige to do my ingredients prep and washing up (I like that bit)

Bisto gravy powder is my usual gravy of choice, not many friends I know actually use it, I make it with meat stock and veggie water and really get a fab result.This is a Sunday 'must have' Its more time consuming than instant gravy but worth it.

I use Bisto gravy granules to thicken casseroles, but rarely as a gravy on a meal, so this is my chance to try it as a few of my friends swear by it. It will be way easier to make a meal and nice to have a few gravy dinners midweek. I also use the Bisto Instant Gravy tubes, they are really good and very tasty.

I have decided to make Aah Bisto Meatballs and mash, I usually make Italian meatballs or meatball curry so again this would be a new dish to eat.

I also like the sound of the Sizzlied Turkey Steaks with Leek and Turkey Gravy, I adore leek and poultry dishes ,you may have seen my Filo chicken and Leek pie recipe. They go together so well and Bisto have a Turkey Gravy so I am keen to try that too.

So pop back tomorrow for the first instalment.

 Bisto Gravy Granules are available in Favourite, Chicken, Onion, Turkey, Vegetable, and Reduced Salt varieties, there's a flavour to suit all dishes. 


  1. I agree Bisto gravy is awesome but it has to made with the stock from the meat or the veg and cant be made instantly.

  2. I use Bisto gravy granuales. I usually make some up and mix it with the gravy from the roast joint. Then I add red wine :)