Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wayfair.co.uk Review

I am doing everything this summer to make life easier.

Full time caring, on top a busy household Paige in and out between work and college, soon off to Uni, plus my broken finger has meant I need to be making fast meals that are simplistic.

I adore summer, but suffer the heat and meals can get a little too salad overload as the oven stays off.

I have been using a slow cooker this week, yes in this heat and not really sure now why I have only used it in winter. There is no heat coming off it to add to the 31 degree temperature outside, its simple to clean for Chris or Paige. Yay, broken digits have their benefits.
Added to that the already well known all-in-one meal benefits, I was keen to try out some recipes for summer cooking.

I was sent a Home Essence 3.5 litre oval slow cooker to try out,  its from Wayfair.co.uk, priced £25.52 the online retailer who offer just about everything for the kitchen and indeed the home. 

The recipe with chicken, chorizo, lemon, potatoes and rose was a real success, bearing in mind it was my first try of the cooker so its already very reliable.

See the recipe here

The slow cooker is a very good looking gadget, brushed steel,with a nice black ceramic dish. I do not usually use smaller appliances, think family sized and with Granny as well as us, Paige's boyfriend turning up, I tend to cook big. However this was great for a summer evening dish and was good for four eating.

What I do like is the auto facility, I'm not often out but to be able to time a meal to start for a busy worker or even for a student who is in college, it makes a good benefit. The LED light is handy and the cool touch lid. It worked really well first meal,which also is pleasing. The recipe book that comes with it is useful and has a few meals that I have not come across.

Now you may not be looking for a slow cooker,in that case, Wayfair.co.uk have an impressive selection of over 500,000 items for the home, to suit all styles and budgets from over 1,600 leading brands. If like me, chances are you will find something to suit.

What I like most is the free delivery over £40, the 3% cash back on purchases if you sign up to the Wayfair Rewards.

my Clip Bar is a user-friendly and intuitive clip bar tool which allows shoppers to browse the site and conveniently drag and drop items of interest without the need to place them in their shopping baskets. The tool ensures customers are given the opportunity to visualise items together, share them with friends, compare and save them for a stress-free online browsing and shopping experience.

At the moment there is a garden sale with 40% off and I'm already making a list of trellis,a bench and lights.

Its a great site, like a giant home and garden superstore but with a cuppa and armchair built in.



  1. I need a small slow cooker that looks perfect,love the recipe you did with it.

    1. Its a great little slow cooker and the site has so much to look at!

  2. Great review - I am looking to buy one before the Autumn!

  3. Thanks,I am loving it in this heat, here is my recipe for a summer meal http://giventodistractingothers.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/slow-cooker-chicken-with-chorizo-and.html

  4. yes a great site- well worth a look

  5. Pretty reasonable prices on that site too!