Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tyrrells Beach Barbecue,Pork Crackling review

Tyrrells known as 'posh crisps' have launched a new crisp and some pork crackling for summer and sent me some to try. 

Now in keeping with the upper class snacks, we took ours posh camping or glamping to Manor Farm near Alton, its a Feather Down Farm and the perfect surrounds for trying the new Tyrrells.

Barbecue crisps are not my favourite, but I had to try and actually kept dipping in to the bowl for more. Chris the barbecue flavour fanatic,its usually his first choice loved them. These will be great for picnics and barbecues, a very light natural taste.

But his eye was on the crackling bags and so were mine. We had no electricity for the week, without TV,radio and laptops, conversation was the main enjoyment.

Chance to really discuss the important questions. 

Why were they called scratchings in some counties, what were the origins? Lack of Google prevented us finding out until now.

Who had the rights to try the pork crackling more?

Him being a Yorkshire man, apparently home of the pork scratching,he felt it was up to him to try them and fully realise their value!

I pointed out they were called Aristo- Crackling, not what I would necessarily put with his northern roots, he then said as an Irish girl, I was a fine one to talk!! Before it became a race riot,we settled on another question.

I offered that being the reviewer, so I had more right, he pointed out he was as much a reviewer, so we then decided we would share.

Oh and it is believed that pork crackling originated in the  Black Country where they were widely consumed by the working classes. The pork crackling (pork scratchings) date back to the 1800s, when families kept their own pigs as a source of food. 
 In order to not waste any element of the pig, due to the scarcity of food, even the off cuts of fat and skin were fried for food. Thanks Wikipedia!

The crackling are gorgeous,melt in the mouth tasty, just the right crunch, soft and bacony. I liked the original flavour, Chris loved the crackling with mustard, it has a real kick.

This was our debate concluded, I suggest if you love pork crackling you grab some bags.


Tyrrells crisps, the premium English crisp brand is taking consumers on a nostalgic trip of donkey rides and deck chairs with their new limited edition Beach Barbecue crisp.  Smoked paprika, tomato, cumin, cayenne and garlic combine as a smoky tribute to the jolly optimism of the English seaside barbecue - without a burnt sausage in sight. Available from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and independent retailers, Tyrrells Beach Barbecue will have an RRP of £1.99 for 150g and 69p for 40g.

The English can always be counted upon to brave the blustery beach, bathe in the freezing sea and indulge in a cornet or two of ice cream, so to celebrate these great seaside traditions, Tyrrells is using the Beach Barbecue pack to showcase its latest social media competition; Win a Beach Hut- For Your Garden  The prize will engage and entertain Tyrrells’ followers through Facebook and Twitter and weekly winners will also be in with the chance of winning some covetable Cornishware prizes.

Oliver Rudgard, Marketing Director of Tyrrells says “The beach hut giveaway is a fabulous prize and reflects the peculiarly English character of our brand.  As an additional nod to the nostalgia of English seaside traditions, we've designed the pack to resemble a beach hut, with wind-blasted paint and all. Facebook is such an important communication channel for us and we're confident our Beach Hut campaign will entertain and recruit new followers over the summer months'.

Tyrrells, the premium English crisp brand, is broadening its premium snacks range with the introduction of new Aristo-Crackling hand-cooked pork crackling. The double-barrelled 'corker of a porker' launches this week in two flavours - Traditional and English Mustard. Tyrrells Aristo-crackling packs are available in 50g Clip Strip and SRP formats and on pre-filled 30g backing boards.
Distinguishing itself from other pork crackling snacks, Tyrrells Aristo-Crackling is double cooked to give a lighter, crunchier texture and only uses pork from the poshest British reared pigs such as Hampshire, Duroc and Large White.  Each bite is reminiscent of proper home-cooked Sunday roast pork crackling.
Oliver Rudgard, Tyrrells Marketing Director commented; "With the launch of Aristo-Crackling we have built a more discerning tier above the humble pork scratching. By only selecting crackling made from the finest British pork, double cooking it to give a light crunchy texture, applying quintessentially English seasonings, such as a fiery English Mustard, and supporting it with our signature black and white packshot photos to add a 'posh pigs' twist, we have arrived at the most deliciously indulgent snack."
Tyrrells Aristo-Crackling launches end of May with independent retailers across the country and in Sainsbury and Waitrose in June. RRP: £1.19 for 50g and £0.99p for 30g

Disclosure - Tyrrells sent me a pack of each to try,I was not offered any payment to review,my opinions are my own.


  1. I'd like the babecue ones and everyone else in the family would like the pork scratchings.

    1. Sorted then,we were fighting over the pork crackling!

  2. LOL - you should see them fight over real pork crackling from a pork joint! (I love it when it hot & crackles away but just can't bring myself to eat it!)

  3. Tyrells crisps are gorgeous and I love a company who shows a good sense of humour!

  4. new flours sound really nice!
    We will try some of them for sure

  5. Yesterday we tried to buy some pork crackling - first we couldn't find it but we got it in the end
    Mark loved it.

    1. Glad you found it and more that you liked them.

  6. I think I'm going to have to buy some of these now :-)

  7. I agree these are lovely - and in sandwiches too!