Thursday, 18 July 2013

Persil, Dermot Flynn and Wow cleaning!

While review blogging I've been lucky to get involved in many challenges and events, I do remember the celebrity moments above many.
Highlights cooking in London with Ed Baines and Philadelphia, he has since gone on to cook for Prince Charles, hobnobbing with me can take you far!! 

Interviewing Bear Grylls here and a huge tick on the wow list talking to Sophie Ellis Bextor at Camp Bestival see here last year,this was for her  ‘Getting Messy with Music’ for Persil.

This time I am thrilled to have an art piece made for me, by artist Dermot Flynn, perhaps  you will be familiar with the Marmite ads, maybe his work on  book covers including the Penguin copies of  Captain Corelli's Mandolin and Norah Ephron's Heartburn.

Dermot has been working with Persil  as they have just launched the new Small and Mighty.It has an innovative Triple Cleaning System formulation and Stain Eraser Ball that can also be used as a pre-treater – so it’s really been specially developed with Mums in mind,with the amount of stains a Mum has to deal with its a great new product.

Dermot's art work for me is truly personal, he took a photograph I chose of Chris and I, and on a white 
t-shirt recreated it using common food stains.

I am pretty amazed by the image, to work with food and recreate a brilliant likeness I am impressed.

Now there is no way I would ever wash it, but using the Persil Small and Mighty in the last week it has certainly cleaned all of our clothes. 

However  Persil also sent me my own painting kit with food stains to try out on a white t-shirt, Chris was still offering his up, but I wanted a proper go. It's a bit scary, I am a bit of a clean freak when it comes to washing,I always use a stain remover first if there are stains,I use a lot of natural remedies for certain stains and  take quite a bit of pride in have a line full of white washing, coloured clothes never get mixed in and the whole family know its a big black mark if any washing gets mixed.

So to take a new white t-shirt and deliberately stain it was a tad strange for me. However Paige and I had a go.

Ink, juice, paint and chocolate all were applied,plus grass stains on the back as we got arty outdoors!

Now bear in mind I have no artistic skills whatsoever,so my tee was a message,thanking Dermot and a big ink message, I really thought this would still be there. I used the Stain Eraser ball to rub over the marks, popped it in the machine (on its own I might add, I was dubious that the ink may not come out but also may transfer) and set it going.

Well what do you think??

I was so amazed, I would previously used a Stain Devil ink remover before, I have never just put it in the machine. 

Thank you Persil,saved me some money on stain removal products for the future and thank you to Dermot for my T-shirt


Disclosure : I received Persil Small and Mighty, as well as a personalised T-shirt from Dermot Flynn


  1. looks 'the business' to me. Can't do better than sparkling white again so I'll have to try some myself now.

  2. That's pretty impressive stain removal!

  3. what a great idea- might try it with the kids uniform!

  4. what a great idea- might try it with the kids uniform!

  5. Dermotts work does look good, will look out for the cover of Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  6. The t-shirt is gorgeous. I hope you have decided to frame it. A real one off design.

  7. Like the T-Shirt.
    Using that Persil at the moment. The little green ball is confusing for the measurement lines. But clothes do come out clean.