Monday, 1 July 2013

Import blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin

Google Reader going, going  by the 1st July.

Regular readers and new visitors to my blog needn't miss out!

I am sad that this has happened, I follow lots of lovely blogs and its nice to sit with a cuppa and read through my favourites.

But I still can read my Google daily updates, yay!!!

In an effort to keep on doing this I have imported mine to Bloglovin, many of you follow me there all ready, so if you still want a daily update of all your own favourite blogs here is how to do it. You get a daily email to remind you.
I follow over 200 blogs and it took my move less than a minute.

There is a handy app for reading blogs on iphone too.

See you there.


  1. Would be lovely if more bloggers did not. Some of them are just lost now as not everyone moved to bloglovin

  2. Love it bust wish I knew how to pin it onto my homepage so I see updates as they are posted rather than have to actually visit Bloglovin? I could do this with Reader!