Monday, 22 July 2013

Freddo Faces Review

Awwww that was the first reaction to my latest review, the Cadbury Freddo Faces. The rather cute faces are to celebrate Freddo being the grand old age of 40.

I distinctly remember going to the little post office on my way home from school with 10p pocket money and for  the large sum of 2p I could treat myself to a Freddo.
He is a cheery little chap, Paige and Conor grew up with these as a nice treat. Something about the cute little face always brought a smile.

Paige was kept smiling recently with a cuppa and a Freddo bar when her assignments were getting to her. She tweeted.
@Jo_Bryan and Freddo made me smile,when I was feeling so down.

The new faces have different expressions even more to make us smile.

We decided that Grumpy was definitely Chris who gets rather angst over the dishwasher being stacked by anybody but himself. Handing him a Freddo Grumpy face turned his frown upside down, his saying whenever we look blue.

There is a Confused Freddo, sure he will come in handy for supporting Paige's first Uni thesis, Cheeky which apparently I should be eating only those,  Happy which is so cute and my fave, In Love

Freddo Faces (RRP 52p) is a bag of delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. 

Freddo first launched in 1973 and has been a family favourite for years. This new launch marks the fortieth anniversary of Freddo spreading chocolaty joy and mischievous adventure across the country.

Freddo Faces joins the Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo range which includes Freddo Original and Freddo Caramel. Visit for more details. 

Disclosure - I received Freddo Faces in order to review, I was given noother incentive and my views are my own.


  1. OMG can't believe Freddo is 40 !

  2. So Freddo is older than me !
    The faces are ever so cute

  3. Thank you - think my little ones would fancy these too!

  4. These are so cute,I used to love Freddo when I was little,can't believe he is 40