Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Fairy Non Bio Free Timmy Time Books

The Bedtime remains Mum's Domain survey results below ring true, although Chris had an active role in preparing Paige and Conor for bed when they were little, I was the one who read to them mostly. 
I am an avid reader which helps, I also read to Chris too,though it tends to be horror so maybe not so good for the 'settling down' I always wanted to do a stint on Jackanory.
Paige and Conor had their favourites through the years and while we were moving home,all the books I had saved for their children were gone through. Who's a Clever Baby then? Their joint favourite. Winnie The Witch was Conors, while Paige loved all my childhood favourites such as Enid Blyton.
Books can really help to relax a child and I found for us, once I started reading they often dropped off.I tended to drop off too,it really is good for winding down!
Its always nice to pickup a book for free and Fairy Non Bio are giving away Timmy Time books. One pack = one free book.

Bedtime remains Mum’s domain!
Fairy Non-Bio, with the help of Timmy Time, have come together to discuss the importance of reading to your little ones at bed time to help them sleep.
83.6% of Mums spend time reading to their children at bed time,
despite studies showing a growing number of Mums returning to work

According to new research commissioned by Fairy, eight out of ten Mums read to their children every night before bedtime.  The survey of 1,000 UK Mums with children aged up to seven took an in-depth look at bedtime routines.  

Whilst it has been widely acknowledged that Dads are playing a bigger role in parenting, this research uncovered that bedtime is still mostly Mum’s domain.

Working Mums Make Bedtime Work
61% of Mums said that, after returning to work, they have to rush through the routine in order to get their child into bed at a decent hour, but that bedtime reading remains a priority for them. In fact, 16% of Mums prefer to shorten bath time in order to make sure that reading to their kids continues to be a regularly observed part of the routine. This forms part of a popular component to children’s bedtime practice with the average amount of time Mum’s spend reading to their children totalling 11 minutes.
Reading is clearly playing a key role in establishing a successful bedtime routine and is seen by many as being helpful when settling down their kids. However, 77% of UK Mums actually stated that the primary reason they read to their children is to aid their development, encourage an interest in reading and to bond with their little ones.

Bedtime Routine: Successful or Stressful?
Many parents seem to have mastered the bedtime routine with 35% agreeing that their child tends to settle down quickly and easily most nights, and 43% say this is the case 3-4 nights of the week.
Unfortunately, bedtime isn’t bliss for everyone and some parents struggle with the nightly routine. One out of ten Mums find this part of the day is a cause of stress and tension, and 2% admit to dreading their child's bedtime.
Chireal Shallow, psychologist and children's sleep and behaviour expert, commented on the findings: “It is reassuring to see how many parents are incorporating reading into a bedtime routine.  However, there are clearly still parents struggling.  I encourage them to continue to search for the right routine and strongly advocate bedtime reading, which is great for helping children settle, as well as the value of bonding time spent snuggling under a soft blanket.’

The on pack promotion
Fairy knows how important reading is - it is an important step in a child’s development and helps them on their journey of discovery into the big wider world. It boosts speech and vocabulary and teaches the skills your child will need to read alone.
To encourage parents to read to their children Fairy has renewed the partnership with Timmy Time, which includes an on-pack promotion offering a free book with every purchase of Fairy Non Bio or Fabric Softner*.
You and your toddler can together share the exciting adventures of Timmy, helping your little lamb discover his new wider world.
For more information on Fairy visit www.softeningyourworld.com or for more information on Fairy’s link up with Timmy Time please visit www.timmytime.tv/fairy

The Fairy range is proud to have been reviewed by Allergy UK and awarded their British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

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**Books available while stocks last

Our survey of 1,000 UK mums of children aged to seven was undertaken by One Poll

Disclosure- I was sent a Timmy Time book, Fairy Non Bio gel and fleece blanket. I received no other incentive or payment ,my opinions are my own.


  1. I got these last time they did this offer and they are great books

  2. Lovely idea. I just hope more parents would read to their kids

  3. Thank you for the post! I'm amazed that it isn't 10/10 mums who read at bedtime though.

  4. Lovely idea,I always loved Bedtime stories when I was little and when I have children will always read to them,I think it is an important part of a child's learning process