Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dairylea Mighty Mature and Springy Onion Review

Dairylea for me was a child hood favorite, back in the days when it was only sold as a triangle of foil wrapped yumminess.
I was a very poor eater, hated veg, disliked milk, luckily for my bones, I adored cheese.

I spent ages peeling off the foil and spreading it onto toast,Granny often made me a morning snack of Dairylea triangles and sliced apples.

When the tub version came out,I happily tucked in,its just an easier way to get to the spread.
I love it when yummy food faves come up with new ways to eat the product and even more so when they introduce a new flavour.

Mighty Mature and Springy Onion, they sound fun already. I believe the names will be popular for children, great for the lunch box, however the names appeal to my daft childish side too. 

But taste is the part I am most interested in.

The Mature Cheddar is good, Dairylea has all natural ingredients ,it tasted as such. The richer mature cheddar flavour has instantly made it into my new favourite lunch of the week,so good is it, I was off to buy more pots of it to keep up with the craving. Its fab on a granary roll, yummy on a baked potato. Can't wait to try it melted into pasta. 

The Dairylea Springy Onion was a complete surprise, when I opened it, I saw it had a different consistency, not as solid as Dairylea spreads normally are, it calls for dipping items, carrots, celery, bread sticks. I could taste the spring onion and blended with the cheese, it makes a lovely change on a roll.

Well Dairylea took a long time adding new flavours and it was worth the wait for this mad cheese fan. 

Dairylea has been a firm favourite on family shopping lists for over 60 years and the new recipes mark the latest step in the brand’s journey to provide the best possible taste and nutritional credentials for families across the UK.

The new flavours are the first in the Dairylea spread range, and have been introduced following the brand’s move to an all-natural recipe which simply consists of cheese, butter, skimmed milk, sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice!

New Mighty Mature and Springy Onion are available in 160g tubs at all major supermarkets with an RRP of £1.36. 
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I was supplied with vouchers to buy the Dairylea, I received no other payment or incentive to talk about the range, my views are my own.


  1. We loved these too - the spring onion one is great mixed into mashed potato :)

    1. Ooh good thinking Cheryl,got to try that!x

  2. I love Dairy Lea, so excited to try these out!

    1. Most Tesco's even the smaller ones have themif you get stuck.

  3. These are great value for money... and tasty too

  4. We love Dairylea and my daughter loves mature cheese, so I thought Dairylea Mighty Mature would be a hit, but it wasn't liked in our house..... ;-(