Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Competition to win a right royal baby prize

Just wanted to alert you to a fun competition being run by Plum 
Royal baby fever is hotting up with some media sources speculating that Kate could in fact be due a week earlier than announced. 

Plum, who make delicious organic baby food fit for a prince or princess, is running a fun competition to guess the gender, name and arrival date of the new addition, with a right royal prize up for grabs for the person who gets the most right answers.

So have a go and good luck!!

It will be interesting for me if you add your predictions here.

Mine are think its a girl,born 14th July(my birthday)11.25am
Named Elizabeth or William and most take after William,those royal ears genes are strong!!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Cannot wait till the baby arrives!

  2. kate middleton is such a radiant looking mother-to-be!