Friday, 14 June 2013

World Gin Day with Bulldog Gin

The 15th June marks the 5th annual return of ‘World Gin Day’. What began as a celebration between a few friends has quickly become a world wide event. I for one am gutted I missed the last 4 years!!

I adore gin,my friend once remarked its an old lady's drink,I replied I must be an old lady as I love it.

I totally disagree, the fresh  citrus flavours and dry crisp taste is for anybody.

  As a review blogger, I have been privileged to try many seriously good brands and I feel a bit of a mini expert now!

Cutlass supplied with a gift pack to have my own celebration  it included 
Bulldog Gin and they sent me the lime, and tonic and a few other tots from the range.

I will be raising a glass to gin lovers everywhere on Saturday.

Do you like Gin, maybe I am alone,maybe I am an old lady......

The introduction of the super-premium Bulldog London Dry Gin into the UK market, has given a cluttered and tired category an unequivocal take on forward thinking products. This stylish, premium and authentic offering is hugely accessible to the consumer in terms of both look and taste. The bottle epitomises an authentic spirit in a modern charcoal grey coloured bottle with deep purple hues, broad shoulders and an iconic spiked collar. Bulldog London Dry Gin captures the bold confidence of the original British Bulldog, Winston Churchill and the Bulldog spirit he embodied.
The liquid which is one of the lighter style gins around, is distilled with 12 different rare botanicals from nine different countries, such as Dragon Eye (The cousin of the lychee, sweet in flavour), White Poppy from Turkey (Earthy aroma, Sweet nutty flavour) and Lotus leaf from China (Fruity aroma with a perfumed flavour), as well as organically farmed Juniper from Italy. These Botanicals give Bulldog a distinctive harmonious favour, smoothness with a balanced finish. Made from 100% British grain and bottled at 40% abv, this super-premium Gin is distilled in a copper pot still, from a distillery steeped in 250 years of tradition. In a bizarre twist for any spirit the brand is also a certified Kosher product by KIR, and completely gluten free.

Disclosure I was given a Bulldog miniature, lime,cup, mini tonic water, Appleton Estate Rum miniature and Ginger beer. I was under no obligation to receive the samples or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. Gin and Tonic, it is MY drink :-)

  2. Gin and tonic(low cal) is a favourite of mine.

    1. Ooh yes I could have Gin and Bitter Lemon on Slimming world and it was hardly any syns.

  3. Happy world Gin day! To be honest I've never tried gin before, sounds like I've been missing out.

  4. gin and bitter lemon ....glug glug x @mandsmanc

  5. I love a gin and tonic on a hot day! So refreshing with a slice of lime!

  6. I like the occasional gin and tonic, I have been known to get a little emotional if I overdo It haha

  7. I have seen this brand before. A really elegant bottle.