Thursday, 20 June 2013

Stylfile Nipper Clipper

Hot foot from the review of the Stylfile S-Ped (read my review here) for gruesome feet ( I refer to mine of course, not inferring anything  about my readers digits) I am now moving on to cute chubby toes and fingers of babies, or more specifically their nails!

Tom Pellereau has 'nailed' it again with his latest invention. A nail clipper for babies, this man is so clever! 

I used to sweat over cutting my twins nails, it was often a case of either biting their nails off as I was too scared of  snipping off any skin or flesh. 

My blog may be named Given To Distracting Others but I never managed the art of distracting my two into sitting still and me cutting their nails  I usually just firmly held them and cut a few at a time until they wriggled too much.

Tom has come up with a great design, the Nipper Clipper has a peephole at the end of the top clipper, so you can see the finger and avoid it, just going for the nail. I used scissors which was a pain, but I could see more where I was going, I wouldn't have dared use clippers. 

Also he  has provided a baby file, I would never have got this far in the process, a couple of nails and Conor especially would be threatening a super explosion of tears and wails.

To further make this a pleasant experience for baby and parent, Tom has avoided this parental drama is by a distraction app of Timmy Tickle. 

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Very very clever.

Trimming babies' nails is a universal problem and a daily struggle for parents but Stylfile's new product has entered the market to provide a much-needed solution. The new Nipper Clipper is the world's first baby nail clipper with a safety spy hole, baby nail file and distraction app that allows parents to trim nails safely and correctly. The innovative safety spy hole allows parents to see exactly what they are doing, while using a clipper that is sharp enough to trim and cut nails.

Cutting babies nails is often a daunting and traumatic experience which can result in injuries to both baby and parent. The scissor like action of the Nipper Clipper is smooth, sharp and almost silent, the baby file softens sharp edges, and the unique spy hole means painful accidents will be a thing of the past.

As any parent will know, keeping babies still whilst cutting their nails is a struggle. Stylfile has teamed up with a children's app developer and an Education and Child Psychologist to combat this, through creation of the first nail clipper distraction app, Timmy Tickle-Baby.

Timmy Tickle-Baby is a distraction app designed to take babies attention away from the routine and unpleasant task of nail clipping by using a fun, colourful and animated octopus called Timmy. The app has three different control options that are designed to suit babies of different ages so the experience can adapt as they grow.  Newborn babies will enjoy the Auto Control, which shows animations of Timmy pretending to be different fruit and characters, and as children start to speak Sound Control is designed to engage them as they make sounds of their own. Finally the Voice Control setting is designed to recognise the parent's voice to create a reaction on screen and encourages children to copy the sounds themselves.

By adding three original elements to the standard nail clipper; the spy hole, the baby file and the Timmy Tickle Baby distraction app, the all new Nipper Clipper allows parents to trim and cut their babies' nails in a safe and fun way and prevents nail clipping being a stressful and much dreaded task.

Tom Pellereau Quotes:
‘As a new Dad, I am very excited to have created the new Nipper Clipper as I think there is a real gap in the market for a nail clipper that can cut babies' nails in a safe and controlled manner. By combining our original spy hole feature, baby nail file and distraction app together we think the Nipper Clipper will take out the stress out of cutting your babies nails and make it a fun and easy experience.”

The ‘Nipper Clipper’ will be available for RRP £9.99 in:
-       Sainsburys ( from June)
-       Amazon ( from June)
-       Mothercare (from August)
-       Boots (from October)
-       Local Pharmacies (from July), Truly Madly Baby (June),