Friday, 7 June 2013


The sun is shining after so much rain, I swear its because my new turf went down, but I cannot moan, its been a dire spring, last year was, well forgettable indeed.

I just had an email from Cancer Research UK and Nivea Sun and its reminded me I haven't any sunscreen, I and Granny will finally be able to sit outside,so I must sort this out!

Here are some great tips to take care of your lovely skin,have a great summer.


After the washout summer last year, the nation is looking forward to the sun making an appearance in 2013. Cancer Research UK and NIVEA SUN have joined forces to encourage people to enjoy the sun safely with some simple tips.

To help keep yourself and your family safe while enjoying the sun, follow these simple steps:

  • Mix it up: When the sun is strong, it’s important to use a combination of shade, clothing and Cancer Research UK recommend at least factor 15 sunscreen with a high star rating to protect yourself – and that’s whether you’re in the UK or abroad
  • Spend time in the shade: Everyone loves to enjoy a bit of sun during the summer but if it’s strong it’s important to spend some time in the shade as well. Use the shadow rule – if your shadow is shorter than you are, then the sun is strong. In the UK this is most likely to be in the summer between11am and 3pm. Make sure you take some breaks in the shade, such as eating your lunch inside, sitting under a parasol or resting in your home or hotel room. If you’re on holiday, you could also visit an indoor museum or gallery to cool off and have a rest from the strong sunshine
  • Don’t get caught out at home: The sun can be just as strong in the UK as abroad so it’s not just when you’re on holiday abroad that you need to think about protecting your skin in the sun. And you don’t need to be sunbathing to get sunburn. Plenty of people get sunburn when out and about playing sport, shopping or gardening
  • Bring a bottle: Keep a handy-sized bottle of sunscreen in your handbag (Cancer Research UK recommend at least SPF15+) so that you’ll always have some to hand for parts of the body you can’t cover up with clothes. That way you won’t get caught out on days when you’re out and about and the sun is strong. Make sure you reapply regularly and use a generous amount
  • Use clothing: wearing a t-shirt and a hat when the sun is strong is really important. There are some really great outfits that not only help keep you protected but keep you cool and look great too. A wide-brimmed hat and kaftan or long-sleeved top or maxi dress will not only keep you covered up but are also the height of summer style!
  • Protect your kids: Young skin is particularly delicate and easily sunburnt. Make sure your children are wearing t-shirts and wide-brimmed hats when out in strong sun and cover any exposed areas with sunscreen.  It’s a good idea to encourage them to alternate their time in the sunshine with breaks in the shade for a game or a cool drink, particularly between 11am and 3pm (in the UK summer) when the sun is usually strongest. If you’re using a buggy, attaching a parasol is a useful way of keeping your children cool and protected from the sunshine
For more sun safety information from Cancer Research UK visit


  1. Very important tips there. In the summer I always make sure my kids have hats and put sunscreen on before they go to school.

  2. The shorter the shadow, the stronger the sun - great tip!
    I'm not overly fussy with putting on sunscreen as sunshine helps you get vitamin D, and goodness knows the chemicals they put in these creams. But I do make sure the kids wear the widest hats possible and cover their arms in strong sunshine.

  3. We're always really careful in the sun. I find P20 sun cream messy but the only one I'm not allergic to!

  4. really good tips Iam always careful with the kids as skin cancer is a major thing

  5. Don't forget about the dog! The top of our blonde dog's nose burns quite easily and then peels so we protect him with a small dab of factor 50 if we're enjoying a day in the garden or park or going to the beach x

  6. I've seen so many friends turn into lobsters already this summer and we're barely started

  7. Good job we don't have to worry about to strong sun in UK, it doesn't look like it will come out to play with us this summer

  8. Great tips, will come in really useful in this weather!

  9. Some good tips, can't believe how much sun cream we've gone through already! Hope the sun continues :-)

  10. Re-read for this HOT weekend! Yeah!

  11. OMG I am sick of this heat wave now!

  12. And now they are talking about getting Social Services involved if parents neglect to protect their kids against sunburn! What next!