Sunday, 30 June 2013

Cleaning tips when one handed!

I recently had a run in with a soft mattress, not in the lying down position, but just pushing it into a car, I didn't even push very hard and my middle finger decided to snap the top joint, to add insult to injury I also tore the ligament.

I have had many people say its only a finger, it can't be too bad, well apart from the pain, it has caused some problems, as it has rendered my whole right hand useless for many tasks.

The family and friends have rallied round, as many of you know I care for my lovely Granny so I was concerned that I would not be able to care as well as I like.

But needs must, days on my own with Granny are made simpler by a bit of forward planning. 

So my tips are.

Salads and cooked lunches prepared by the family before they go. 

Main meals were my first priority, so any chopping of veg, meat etc is done by my glamorous assistants aka Chris and Paige. ( I have to say this they have just been so good) 

I find it easy to stir fry with my left hand so meals have become a little simpler. I cannot lift pans so cooking has to have somebody with me.

I am glad its summer as big casseroles would be unmanageable but a slow cooker is always an option. Though the above is a healthy ready meal from, very tasty too.

Th new Philly Simply Stir meals are good, I actually made this meal with arm in sling apart from the  chicken being sliced by somebody else and pans carried I made it alone.
Opening tins is beyond me, even the type with ring pulls,buttering bread is another, but I can melt it onto hot muffins and crumpets.

Meals now go to Granny in a slower process, I cannot carry a tray, but she has been moving about more to take a cup from me, help with small tasks, which her Occupational Therapist said can only be a positive. Granny said she feels more useful,having always had a really nurturing nature.So in helping me she has brightened even more, giving me more cuddles,our time together has lengthened as I am redundant mainly in the cleaning. So if anything my enforced slow down has been even better for us.

Light cleaning is doable, my tip invest in cleaning wipes, these enable me to clean up with one hand and save my splint from getting wet. I actually like the hygienic quality of these as they go straight in the bin in the kitchen, no harbouring of nasties on a cloth. Flushable toilet wipes in the bathroom are brilliant and will definitely stay when I have two hands.
Pump action dispensers are also good, I cannot squeeze certain bottles.
An apron with a pocket is great for storing cleaning stuff as you go about too.

The heavier jobs have had to be delegated and Granny keeps insisting we get help, maybe later when I tire.

I have managed the vacuuming once, but its foolhardy, you need a good vacuum cleaner one that is light, easy to manoeuvre mine is easy to move but too heavy to steady with one hand.Brushing floors is hit and miss, mainly miss, dustpan and brush just does not work.We have a nifty little handheld vacuum cleaner but I cannot work it with one hand.

Mopping is a nightmare, I get told off by Chris and Paige for trying, Mr Health and safety husband says wet floors and person already compromised do not go hand in hand. (Yes he does keep coming out with the puns.

Ironing, well I have not a single tip for you as I detest it and despite being stubborn and wanting to still manage the home, I happily give this loathsome task away.

Have you ever been unable to manage the house due to injury or confinement, sure you have? How did you get around the incapacity,any tips gratefully received. No ironing tips though, there's never going to be a single handed attempt from me,possibly not even a two handed attempt!

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  1. I broke my wrist a few years ago, and had to do the same. It's a real pain! The main thing I found most irritating was just trying to have a shower without getting the cast wet! I wasn't too successful...!

  2. I am a master in one handed cleaning :-) Every now and then my right wrist is giving up and as I am right-handed... well you can imagine what is happening... you are just getting used to it

    1. Its such a pain, I think the worst is forgetting I shouldn't use it and I do so automatically and then it hurts.

  3. Some great tips there for someone with limited mobility or arthritis. Thanks Jo.

    1. Thanks,I possibly will discover many more. Necessity is the Mother of Invention,so its said.

  4. you dont actually realise how one part of the body being out of use really disables you. Hope you are better now

  5. I can so relate to this having recently broken a wrist. The cleaning wipes are an absolute Godsend.