Friday, 7 June 2013


Now regular readers know I love my baking,I find it more difficult these days with caring for Granny,I cannot believe I still have not made her my  best ever Carrot and Orange cake laced with Grand Marnier. I will do soon, I must!

I now have some rather gorgeous accessories to display my goodies on and in  now,thanks to Cargo.

The range makes me very happy as its very shabby chic style, the first beauty is the  vintage cake stand, its very dainty and needs seriously good cake on it. 

Cream Wire Cake Stand (26 cm)
I find a good cupcake is the best and for larger cakes, a little paper plate underneath works well. This is great for guests, Granny and I have been having an afternoon tea and this has made it so much more of an occasion and given her a treat as our tea looks so much fancier!

Home Sweet Home Cake Tins 
Set of 2 for £20

Then after you do need somewhere to store the cakes,not that they stay too long in our house! Can Cargo possibly come up with a locked tin?? 

This set of tins, fit nicely inside each other, but have only done that at the beginning as I have them sat side by side full of goodies.

The smaller tin is perfect for those cupcakes. The larger one is lovely and deep for an nice home baked sponge. I left my cake in for a week, it was still moist,bits had been pinched, but it was still good to eat.

The tins just look lovely on the side and I am delighted with them.

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Cargo sent me the tins and cake stand to review, my opinions are my own and not affected by the product offer.


  1. Some really lovely items, and agree that cake stand is so pretty!

  2. These are lovely, they look really good quality.

  3. That cake stand is amazing!

  4. i love the tin set, very handy to have

  5. Those items are gorgeous. I could really do with a new bread bin !

  6. What a lovely tins. My Mark would love the big one for the bread!

  7. Great tins and sometimes they do need to be quite deep.