Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Asda Fathers Day Review

I am continually impressed with the range of products that Asda launch for special days and events. Valentines Day,Pancake Day, Valentine's day have all been covered by me this year. 

Asda kindly sent me some fab goodies for Chris and I know for a fact he will be so touched by the Fathers Day treats which just arrived. He adores ale and his sweet tooth will be satisfied all round,as the fudge is coated in dark chocolate,so he will have peace as we love milk chocolate.

A nice Whitechapel Porter Ale from the Asda Extra Special range will be a perfect way to end his special day. He is a mad keen ale drinker and spends a great deal of time perusing the Asda beer aisle when we shop. This bottle is a great price at £1.79 and the offer at the moment is 3 for £5
The ale can be served in the No 1 Best Ever Dad and he certainly is.

Paige is off to Asda to buy more after looking at the list of other goodies. I have just made her promise not to buy the Super Dad Onsie (£18) not because of the amount, just because Chris would live in it,answer the door and shame her!!

What is so great is there really is something to suit all pockets and all pocket money budgets,the I love Dad Mug is a £1, the NSPA Grooming range starting at £2. Yummy chocolate and Cocolate Ale Fudge £1 and wrapping it all up starts at 94p for a roll.

Asda sent me the products to review, my opinions are my own.


  1. great item for all budgets, i love the daddy pig range

  2. I think we're headed for the Daddy Pig range as we are fans in this house.

  3. I got my dad a set of DVD's from Asda for father's day (and some vino as well). He was really chuffed and I was surprised that their DVD price actually bested amazon!

  4. My dad (aged 63) received the onesie from my my brother (I didn't buy it) My dad apparently hates it and gave it to charity (shhh my mum told me in secret!)