Thursday, 20 June 2013

Amoy Special Selection Winner

Sorry for the massive delay in posting my winner, I had intended to try and recreate a few of the recipes to narrow my choice, I could eat all of them, however loved three enough that I want to cook them and blog my findings.  

Alas as I was going through the recipes, I was stopped by a request to help load a mattress into a car, not a dangerous pursuit you may think. For me it was, as I pushed, not very hard at all, my middle finger end joint popped upright with cracking sound. I looked at it, my tidy nature not liking the look of the out of place digit and I popped it back down.
It went back but sickenly  dropped downwards. 

I have broken the end joint and torn the ligament, it was argued at some length, on a dislocation as its rare for it to snap upwards, several hours later and various methods of trying to stabilise it over the last 9 days I am now in a mallet finger sleeve and sling to rest it. 

My culinary skills are now non existent, banned from anything using two hands normally, though I cooked an omelette for Granny's lunch two days ago,I feel bereft watching others cook for us, but failed to butter toast adequately. 

My camera skills never that good are terrible now, a blurred dark pic of my finger taken by balancing camera under neck and pressing with one finger on left hand shows the lack of skill.

So trying the Amoy Special Selection recipes I liked will have to wait and I go to my imagination and if these were offered to me in a restaurant which I would opt as being the one I wanted to try most.

Claire's Baked lamb, Jane's Chinglish Beef and Lynthia's  Stir-Fried Beef with Mixed Vegetables and Peanuts were my top three, for inventiveness, ease and use of the soy sauce to enhance the flavours. 

The winner,the dish I most want to eat is Jane's Chinglish Beef, I adore steak and her suggestion that fillet steak be used will be taken up. I will deserve it after I get over my cooking ban. 

Jane well done, I will be emailing you soon.

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