Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Earth Day Kit Giveaway

It was Earth day yesterday, I was celebrating my twins 18th and it rather took over all else!
However I still wanted to bring this post to my readers and P and G kindly have offered you a giveaway too.
The survey reveals that lots of us actually want to help the planet and one day dedicated to it is good,but we can do something every day.
Did you know that big changes don’t have to start with grand acts; they can start much closer to home? Like, choosing to walk to the shops instead of taking the car. Or, using a recyclable water bottle instead of using a plastic one each time you’re on the go.

· Men and women ranked walking and cycling as the most important thing they thought they could do to protect the environment
· When it came to the least important thing they could do, men said reducing the amount of water used for washing and bathing
· Women, on the other hand, said the least favoured option was using environmentally friendly products and brands with a ‘conscience’.

In fact, 81% of Brits say that even simple, everyday actions help them feel like they’re making a contribution to the environment.
To help inspire these acts, P and G have launched a video called Everyday Earth Day and by watching it and answering a simple question you could win

1) A blackboard made from recycled coffee cups
2) A cardboard rocket for the children – and eco-paints so the whole family can get involved too
3) A selection of P and G products

Just watch the video then fill in the easy peasy rafflecopter form.



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    Lynsey Buchanan

  5. P&G have achieved 65% waste reduction in the last 5 years