Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Slimming World Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe

Slimming World for me was a great way to lose weight, mainly as I could eat lots of food, there is no portion control, just ensuring I was eating my superfree third,which is a third of your plate filled with vegetables, salad of fruit, depending on the meal.

I dropped three dress sizes and am now maintaining my size 8 a year and a half later, I eat well and am able to have a takeaway or a splurge, knowing that my eating habits are good for the vast majority of my week.

Once I grasped the concepts of the SW healthy eating, I was able to adapt a few of my favourites, chilli, spag bol, stews to ensure when cravings for favourites took hold, I could satisfy those urges and feast. Further searches for the best Slimming World recipe ideas gave me focus on cooking more than the eating.

Cutting fat off meat and cooking in frylight, using  extra virgin olive oil  as it is a Swimming World Healthy Extra has become routine in the house. Adding lots of extra veg to a stew or curry is the norm now and though recipes may not be the original exact meal, as I now add extra peppers and onions, shun fat and replace cream with fat free yogurt, creme fraiche or light Philadelphia cream cheese.
Some meals were trickier to adapt due to ingredients such as pastry, cream, sugars and fats.
I longed for my homemade quiche, pastry was totally out of the question unless I had saved up my syns,my curry's usually rich with ghee or oil with sides of bhaji, chapattis and naans were taboo.

I now add extra peppers and onions to chilli con carne and serve with a chilli spiced salad, curries too are packed with different veg and I do not fry in oil, bar Extra Virgin oil.

I make Slimming World quiche with cottage cheese to bulk out the egg custard mix and allow it to set and therefore be baked without pastry. 
Now I think I can hear some of you cry out (as Chris did) "But its not the same!" However looking fit and feeling healthy outweighs this and after a few months on a Slimming World regime, my tastes have changed. I no longer crave fat and sugar,  I dislike some of the smells associated with once favorite foods.

Chris was gutted to lose the fat off bacon, he loves it all crispy, but  we still get to eat and savour the flavour, so sulkily he started and now does not miss it as much. Also at target, he eats occasional crispy fat on bacon as we still can have treats.

So onto  my recipe for low fat Spaghetti Carbonara, this was for some reason the meal I got fixated on having, trying to find a Slimming World Carbonara became my challenge. I tried all the SW versions, poring through Slimming World Books, looking at good Slimming World forums, they all seemed to suggest mainly with quark. I am not a fan for this meal, I  found it a tad acrid and nothing like what I wanted it to taste like.

No I needed creamy, cheesy, pasta and it became my search as for the holy grail of pasta dishes for a short while.

Creamy Slimming World Spaghetti Carbonara seemed impossible.

I had been to a Philadelphia event a few months before my weight loss started and pleased that the light version was a healthy extra for Slimming World, so took a look on their site and I found a recipe that was close.

I have adapted a good few Philly recipes, they give that extra creamy taste.
Its hard to see how something that tastes rich and creamy could possibly be anything to do with weight loss, but I ate lots of Philly and the weight came off each week.

Again mine is inspired by a Philly recipe, but I change ingredients and measurements to keep it SW friendly and feed an army.

I tweak and adapt, no parsley, as I dislike it, herbs detract from this carbonara being a close relative of the real thing, so after trying chives finally and it not working I ditched trying herbs, if you like parsley then add it.

I use Frylight or other one cal oil sprays as the bacon fries well in it.
I add mushrooms, firstly to add in some Superfree and secondly to bulk the meal out, thirdly as mushrooms do not detract from the taste.

I have added garlic and onion in the past, it works, but takes a completely different dish flavour.
Bacon is the smoked variety, I rarely eat smoked bacon on its own, but this recipe is all the better for it.

Adding the stock turns the philly into a sauce that clings to the pasta
 I use two packs of bacon, three to four eggs  and if I was not making it for Slimming world I would add way more philly. I do add a little fat free creme fraiche if I have any in. Its a recipe to tweak and get right for your own tastebuds, family needs and dietary requirements. 

I cannot say it is the same as the cream version, but if you are trying to cut out fat, on a low fat diet, Slimming World plan or need a yummy pasta fix with creamy based sauces, this is good, it hits the spot.

I now am at target and I do add a bit more milk to give a creamier texture.
Please note that Slimming World change the Healthy Extra quantities quite often due to manufacturers recipe changes, so if reading in the future years, check amounts, it works with less,but nicer with more. At the moment it is 75g of Philly Light for a Healthy Extra A,  so you can use 225g philly and I googled long and hard for how many syns for Parmesan and currently (August 2015) 25g of Parmesan is 5 syns. Between 4 if you use as the topping,makes the Carbonara 2 and 1/2 syns. I adore it as a finishing touch.



500g pack of spaghetti


2 packs of smoked bacon,trimmed of all visible fat, cut into strips

Mushrooms as many as you fancy or none at all, finely sliced.

300g Philadelphia light ( 4 HexA's)

3-4 egg yolks

300ml vegetable stock

Parmesan shavings, to garnish

Cook the spaghetti according to the pack instructions.

While it is bubbling away, fry the bacon pieces in the frylight, using a large frying pan, adding the mushrooms once the bacon has started to crisp. Keep stirring until the mushrooms are cooked.
Beat together the Philly and the egg yolks in a separate bowl.
Once the pasta is cooked, drain it.
Add the stock to the bacon pan, then add the pasta and mix together.
Add the cream cheese and egg mixture, and stir through well to combine everything.
Serve the pasta onto plates, scatter with  a few shavings of parmesan and enjoy!

Click on the Slimming World tags just before the comments to see more recipes!!

Slimming World Fish Pie is not one to miss, another creamy, cheesy sauce, topped with mash. 


  1. Looks lush Jo! Thanks! Definately giving this one a try x

  2. Looks delicious! Something the whole family will eat as well! Will definitely be trying it out this week! :)

  3. Oh how I miss spaghetti! I've been on a very restrictive diet and pasta is one of the many things I can't have!

  4. It's one of my favourites too - nice to see a low fat version.

  5. You've adopted a total healthier eating diet. I love spaghetti carbonara and would like to give your recipe a go.

  6. Sounds great - love carbonara

  7. Mmmm love Spaghetti Carbonara so it is nice to discover a less sinful recipe! Now I can eat it more!

  8. ooo, this looks yummy
    we will have to give it a try

  9. Yum! I have the ingredients for this, will give it a go for dinner!

  10. Just made thus tonight and wow, so so gud!!I used half quark and half light cream cheese&added a bit of mustard powder.this worked so well&I actually felt bad eating it because it was so tasty.Def give it a go!!

    1. Thank you Cheryl, it does feel very fattening after you have finished. Glad it worked for you.