Friday, 22 March 2013

Guylian Belgian Chocolate for Easter

In keeping with tradition, Guylian, the world’s favourite Belgian chocolatier, has a delectable range of Easter gifts that are sure to delight the taste buds and make this Easter eggstra-special.
I was sent two of the Easter range to try, with a husband who adores Guylian chocolate I wanted to put them away for Easter, but gluttony got the better of me! Happily I did not give up chocolate for Lent!

I can tell you from past experience that Guylian delivers a great taste in all their products,I have bought many times and been privileged to review, most recently for Valentines Day, see here

Each box has the chocolate egg the luxury egg has  lovely big box of chocolates

The Seashell Egg has the above shell collection.
The chocolate is incredibly good, it melts in the mouth, its mooth and  rich in chocolate taste, not a bunny or rabbit in sight, so great for an adult gift.

Plus buying from Guylian supports a favourite creature of mine , the beautiful seahorse. Project Seahorse is dedicated to conserving seahorses and other marine life across the world. Project Seahorse was established in 1996 in response to the growing danger to seahorses from overfishing, incidental catch and the destruction of coastal marine habitats. More than 25 million seahorses - both dead and alive - are traded globally each year. The vast majority are used in traditional medicines, however aquariums and the souvenir trade have put heavy pressure on the species.

Below is the new Guylian 2013 Easter range which is perfect for sharing or treating yourself! 

Sea Shell Egg 

This premium chocolate egg comes accompanied by a box of Guylian’s iconic praline Sea Shells in a compact yet premium box. You might just be tempted to keep this delicious Guylian classic to yourself! 

RRP £5.99.

Luxury Egg 

The Luxury Guylian chocolate egg is perfectly complimented by the accompanying box of Guylian’s Luxury Belgian Collection; a mixture of classic Sea Shells, Opus, Perlines and Trufflina chocolates, in a premium box.  Go on, make a special someone’s day this Easter. 
RRP £10.99.

Guylian Mini Filled Eggs

Each Mini Filled Guylian chocolate
egg is individually wrapped, in a choice of three delectable flavours;
milk chocolate truffle, milk chocolate
praline and dark chocolate praline. They’re ideal
for the Easter egg hunt but don’t be surprised if the grown-ups get to them first! 

RRP £3.49.
Guylian’s Easter range is available at all good supermarkets and selected independent retailers nationwide.

To find out more about the story behind the Guylian brand, and to explore the full range see  


  1. Guylian have always impressed me the way they blend the white, milk and dark chocolates into eachother, it looks like a real craft and looks amazingly delicious to the eyes.

  2. I have yet to try Guylian chocolate. I might link this to my partner as a little hint for Easter haha.

  3. these chocolates remind me of my late Auntie as she used to always have these and if myself & brother behaved that night before bed she would give us one. Awww happy memories :)

  4. It's snowing here in London so all chances of outside easter egg hunts look like a big nono unfortunately, I remember beaming sunshine from easters of past!

  5. never tried these, look great!

  6. I love Guylian chocs - I just can never pronounce it correctly! xoxo

  7. Love Belgian chocolate, it's sooo creamy.

  8. I used to enjoy Guylian but after reading an article about palm oil, I don't think I'll be buying any:

    Luckily there's loads of other great chocolate! :)

  9. love this chocolate - oh who am i kidding i love all chocolate xx

  10. Like Guylian chocolates - they're quite sweet.

  11. I adore Guylian, but can't eat too many as I find them quite sickly in quantity!

  12. These chocolates are very good. They seem to pay a lot of attention to the packaging as well. Not as much to throw away !