Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Galaxy Bubbles

I imagine many families out there love hot chocolate, my children especially love a mug of Galaxy. We have reviewed a lot of the range. I do like the tubs and large pouches but we tend to leave it languishing in the cupboard especially when the weather gets warm.

Galaxy Bubbles now come in a one mug serving, in chocolate and chocolate orange flavours. They are 40 calaries or 2 syns if you are a Slimming World member. They taste a lot more naughty than those figures.

I like buying single servings, its healthier for the family to have one every now and then, they are easily carried if you are out for the day.

Paige works late and so she will be able to pop one in her bag and have a sweet treat on her break. 

The Bubbles have that lovely Galaxy silky taste, light and indeed taste bubbly. The chocolate flavour was my favourite. I already had the Galaxy mug and a free moment to indulge. Lovely bubbly!

You can buy the drinks at Tescos and they are 32p a stick, not bad.

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  1. 32p is a bargain xx

  2. I am a great fan of hot chocolate & love bubbly choccie. I won a galaxy set from a blog with these mugs but never recived it.

  3. i only drink hot choc and lovely bubbly choccie so this is great yummmm!

  4. I used to drink hot chocolate but know I'm on a very restrictive diet I've given up chocolate altogether!

  5. I usually buy WW hot chocolate drink but these look good too and I'd especially like to try the orange flavoured one.

  6. Perfect little treat in this cold weather :)

  7. I love hot chocolate! But only have it as a treat now and again.