Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tyrrells Swanky Veg Review


Tyrrells is a brand that says fun to me, I have had fun times eating the crisps, picnics, Christmas watching a movie snuggled up with Chris. 

Tyrrells website is always a great place to visit, they have funny images, great little competitions and entertains me. Obviously main reason I like Tyrrells is they produce blooming good crisps.

I first tried the vegetable crisps at one of the BBC Good Food Shows, I thought I wouldn't like them to be honest, vegetables and I have a had a few fallings out, especially when I was a fussy child.

I was surprised that I liked the carrot, beetroot and parsnip, I was amazed that considering I do not eat beetroot in its first form, I actually found them to be tasty.

Now Tyrrells have produced Swanky Veg, they are a lovely colour, purple carrot, yes purple.I had some in my veg box before and they throw your mind a little.

The Candy Striped Beetroot, look like sections of a lollipop and the golden parsips really attractive.

Now these are being promoted as snack for those of a nobler birth, but this commoner loves them, with a cheese sandwich they are perfect. I also tried with salsa, sour cream and hummus at the weekend and between us they did not last too long and I am afraid to say,there wasn't any delicate posh nibbling!!

Just when you thought those chaps at Tyrrells couldn’t become any more colourful they come up with Swanky Veg, a marvellous new super-premium vegetable crisp range.

Tyrrells Swanky Veg crisps are an exotic mélange of some of the world’s most lavish veggies, with just a pinch of sea salt to let them sing. Candy Striped Beetroot, Purple Carrots, Blue Potatoes and Taro crisps combine to deliver a snack suitable for those occasions that call for an altogether nobler nibble.

Tyrrells Swanky Veg takes shared snacking to a more entertaining level by encouraging consumers to venture beyond the traditional crisp or nut selection with a range that includes Candy Striped Beetroot, Purple Carrot and Taro crisps that look simply amazing in a bowl!

The Swanky Veg range is available initially from Waitrose and quality independents, RRP of £3.29 per 125g pack. The three variants include:

  • Taro, Golden Beetroot, Purple Carrot
  • Orange Sweet Potato, Golden Beetroot, Carrot and Parsnip
  • Candy Striped Beetroot, Red Beetroot and Blue Potato

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  1. I'll give these ago, only I'm not too keen on veg crisps. They'll go nice with dips.

  2. I love vegetable crisps! I prefer them to the normal ones, though I kid myself that because they are vegetables they're healthy...!

  3. I have just tried these crisps, whilst they are very nice, they are lacking seasoning and need a little more salt to bring out their flavours.