Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sharphams Park Review

Sharpham Park is a range that I see in the shops and apart from their shortbread, I have not tried more.

So to receive this fab selection was a chance to put that right.

But first I had a question, mainly what is spelt? 
Sharpham Park must know this is a popular question as they have a whole range of facts on their site.

So just to give you a bit of background as well as for me here is what I learnt

Spelt is a primitive form of wheat, developed when goat grass (aegilips squarrosa) was cross pollinated with emmer wheat (triticum dicoccoides) in the so called Fertile Crescent about 9000 years ago.

The key difference between spelt and wheat is the molecular structure of the protein in the gluten, which is shorter and more brittle and therefore easier for the body to break down and digest.   This is why many people who suffer with a wheat intolerance can digest spelt without difficulty.

For a myriad of facts including wheat intolerance and the history of spelt visit the website

With this in mind I was eager to try out a couple of the goodies. I decided to use one of the Risotto Mixes for lunch. It was so easy to make, cold water and a heavy based pan, 20 minutes later a lunch for two. 

The taste was not as nutty as I imagined, having read the description, I love the texture, really plump grain all puffed up and the pumpkinonion, carrot, celery with garlic and herbs. It was really filling this is half the portion and I could not finish it.

I had planned to tuck into the sweet goodies for dessert, but I was still comfortably full until dinnertime.

I am glad I waited to eat them, the Chocolate brownies are melt in the mouth good. Really soft,full of good tasting chocolate and they are incredibly light and moist.
The granola bars are again,soft, moist sweet and syrupy. Very filling too.

I have yet to use the wholegrain flour, there is a great recipe for Banana Cake on the side, which I would like to make.The website has some lovely recipes to look at and you can add your own.

Sharpham Park mention this 'Spelt has a Glycemic Index of 30, which is low and a huge health benefit. This kind of food produces only small fluctuations in our blood sugar levels, and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It is a key to long term health and assists sustainable weight loss as you feel fuller for longer.'

Sharpham Park have just launched Great British Spelt Recipes. This free online recipe collection is part of their campaign in partnership with Bowel Cancer UK to raise awareness of how a high fibre diet can be beneficial in the fight against Bowel Cancer. It launches on 1st April (National Bowel Cancer Awareness Month) but if you want a sneak peak then head to 

Research into bowel cancer has identified that a healthy diet is a significant factor of lowering your risk of bowel cancer. A high fibre diet is one of the elements to ensure good bowel health and a large number of Sharpham Park products all contain healthy high levels of fibre.   


  1. Lucky you reviewing all those things. We use spelt flour in bread but have never heard of spelt porridge flakes or risotto grains. I would LOVE to try these so will look out for them in the shops. Thanks for the review.

  2. The risotto looks delicious! I'm going to have to try this!

  3. these look lovely and so easy to make