Thursday, 21 February 2013

Plum Taste Adventures Review

My little ones are not so little anymore, when I was introducing them to food, I  pureed my own food.

With twins it was far more economical to make my own, but the biggest reason was, I was reluctant to buy the tins of foods as there were often the odd health scare. I found I wanted to ensure they were getting home cooked natural food.

 I would make great batches of meals and freeze the portions, starting with simple vegetable purees,moving on to  chunkier versions, adding meat and as a real spice lover I needed my babies to have different flavours introduced early on. The faces they pulled with new tastes were priceless, and I remember taking the advice to not be put of the screwed up little expressions and offer the new foods again. It did work and my two happily ate and still do, a varied diet, with spice,herbs and will still try all manner of new dish.

I am quite jealous of the Mums today as brands such as Plum have been up there at the top providing organic baby meals that are as good as home cooked. I am very happy to talk about them on my blog as they make good baby food.

Their ingredients contain

  • No artificial chemical fertilisers
  • No nasty food additives
  • Use of pesticides is restricted
  • Routine use of drugs is prohibited
  • GM crops and ingredients are banned

Now I could just talk about Plum but I was offered two of the new Taste Adventures range for myself, I was going to get my little cousins to try,but I always tested my babies food when I was making it, also for the honesty of my reviewing, I needed to try it,  I decided to try them myself, especially as one of the meals was the new Sweet Potato and Peri Peri Chicken. I added it as a topping to a baked potato, and it was really good. 

They meals come in nice pots that can be warmed in hot water for your baby,they can be microwaved,but its advisable to check for any hot spots in the food before serving to a baby. They can also be served without heating,I often did this with my home cooked meals if out for the day and my two seemed as happy with that.

The Sweet Potato and Peri Peri Chicken is a lovely meal, a great taste of herbs, the delicate Peri Peri flavour is beautiful, I would happily eat this again, very tasty. The pieces of pepper were lovely and it would be a lovely recipe to introduce new flavours to your baby.

The other meal,was the new Super Greens,pasta and cheese,a great meal for adding some vitamin packed greens to your baby's diet along with cheesy pasta. Again it was tasty, fresh and not like the pots of baby food on offer when I was weaning my two.

Leading organic baby food brand, Plum, is adding to its top-selling Taste Adventures range of stage three (10+months) meals with two new recipes to tickle the taste buds of babies everywhere. Boasting a chunkier texture to encourage speech development as well as helping babies to chew, the latest additions to the globally-inspired collection are Sweet Potato & Chicken Peri Peri and Super Greens, Pasta and Cheese. They will be available in Asda and Ocado from February with all other supermarkets nationwide to follow, priced at £1.79 RRP for a 190g pot.
Super Greens, Pasta and Cheese is an Italian-inspired dish and is the first vegetarian meal in the Taste Adventures range.  Created in response to popular demand, the new addition combines quintessentially-Italian flavours such as basil with nutrient-rich green vegetables.  It will be available in supermarkets nationwide from February 2013.

Sweet Potato and Chicken Peri Peri has its origins in African cuisine, with a strong Portuguese influence.  Made with organic chicken from Wales, it combines delicious and authentic flavours which – like all Plum’s foods – are aimed at helping babies develop a broad palate and love of ‘proper food’ from a young age.  It will be available exclusively in Asda stores nationwide from February 2013.
With research from the University of Bristol* suggesting that the variety of tastes a baby is exposed to during their early years has a direct impact upon their taste buds later in life, the curry-to-paella Taste Adventures range is the perfect solution for getting baby off to a great start. Since its launch in June 2012 with four original recipes it has proved a big hit with mums and babies, making it Plum’s most successful product launch ever.   Plum’s Facebook site was flooded with comments such as, “My little one LOVES the Taste Adventures aubergine and lamb moussaka. I make a lot of my own food for her but don't eat aubergines but wanted her to try them. The smell is amazing and the taste is delicious.”

The existing Taste Adventures range comprises: Sweet Cape Curry with Beef, Chickpea and Chicken Tagine, Mediterranean Paella with Salmon, Aubergine and; Lamb Moussaka.
The Taste Adventures pot format is perfect for independent babies starting to use a spoon to feed themselves.


  1. Thanks for this, I was often wondering when my little man was a baby whether Plum was any good. Now I know I'll give it a try when bump is born and old enough.

  2. I tried Plum with my children and they liked it. I only used it when I needed something quick.

  3. When it comes to my kiddy I always get organic. Which is odd because I don't eat organic! I'll look into these :)

  4. Great review thanks! I love to buy organic when it is on offer!

  5. Kids love Plum. They are always present in our home. Nice review, thank you