Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lamb Shanks Red Wine and Rosemary

I have been wanting to cook lamb shanks for quite a while. To be honest two things put me off, one the price, I was not sure if there was enough meat to justify the prices I have seen in the supermarkets. Then some of the recipes I have seen all seem to be either mint sauce or sweetened with fruit, a complete no for me.
Then while in Sainsbury's I spotted two lamb shanks reduced from £7 to £2.50 and knew I had to try them. Thrifty and frugal won me round.

I decided to hoist out the slow cooker to aid my journey, I wanted a dish that was fall off the bone and I know that my slow cooker is ideal for this.

I scanned the web for dishes and then I decided to just go for simple flavours I already use when cooking lamb chops. Rosemary (made for lamb) red wine,onions and stock. Seasoned flour to fry the lamb shanks and thicken and that would be it.

I am very glad to say it worked, the dish was so good I am now scouring shops for more shanks,if anybody knows where they can be bought reasonably priced,let me know.
The 'falloff the bone' effect I wanted was literal, the meat came out of the slow cooker minus the bone!!

The taste was perfect, I used a Spanish red wine another bargain at £3 I used a glass full. There was enough meat for 4 people so very much a reasonably priced meal. I served with mash to soak up the lovely gravy and froze a good amount to serve with chops at a later date.

Just about to slow cook

2 lamb shanks
glass of red wine 
250 ml of lamb or chicken stock
4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
1 onion sliced roughly
flour seasoned with salt and black pepper

Coat the lamb shanks with the flour and fry in a little oil or Fry light to seal and brown.
Add to the slow cooker.
Pour the wine into the pan to get all the lamb juices and simmer for a minute or two stirring.
Add the wine, stock, rosemary and chopped onion to the pot.
Cook for 6 hours on high.


  1. That was a very good reduction in price on the lamb - it's so expensive normally. One of my favourite dishes though - lamb shanks.

  2. This looks really nice, it is one of my husband's favourite meals, though we don't eat a lot of meat as we cannot afford good meat often. Definitely a nice treat.

  3. That looks delicious! Maybe I should do it tomorrow instead of the usual sunday roast!