Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ask 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil

Ask is a place I go if I want good pasta, I love their dishes, the fresh ingredients and the atmosphere. If you want to go to a really fab Ask try the York city centre venue, its in an amazing building. We have a great one in Peterborough, its in a lovely Tudor building.

But the food is where it's at whichever Ask you choose from, its the search for great ingredients that makes the taste so fresh and special. Ask sent me a bottle of the new Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and after my Olive Oil tasting challenge last year, as soon as I saw the deep green oil, I knew it would be a good one. 

 Brothers Luca and Giuseppe Esposito, from Puglia in southern Italy are the producers. They insist on picking and pressing their olives within twenty-four hours of harvest. 

This mean that as much of the aroma and flavour is retained and the first grassy rich fragrance from the bottle confirmed it was fresh.

I poured a little on my risotto and salad and was really pleased with the taste, its fresh, peppery and so smooth. Its such a good taste it will be great for dipping chunks of Italian bread into.

Now all I need is for Ask to sell me their rosemary bread to take home and I will be in heaven dipping this lovely oil.

The new season 100% Italian extra virgin Olive oil has now arrived in all Ask restaurants! You can buy a bottle from  for £8.00.


  1. Ask restaurants serve really nice pizzas too!

  2. Oh very nice, I'm always running out of olive oil. I haven't been to Ask for ages! Must go!

  3. Fab, an excuse to visit Ask!

  4. MMMM!! Looks really nice i will have to go and buy a bottle :)

  5. Apparently smelling olive oil makes you feel full so is great for dieting.

  6. I love pure olive oil. Makes a fab dressing and lovely over brushetta yummy

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  8. Mmm I love olive oil with some balsamic vinegar and good bread. Makes me wish I were in Italy again!