Thursday, 31 January 2013

The New York Bakery new launches

I was asked to review  new bagel varieties from The New York Bakery, I was really keen as I loved the  Pumpkin Seeded Bagels I tried for Halloween  a while ago

This time I tried the new launches Fruit and Oat, and a  savoury  Red Onion and Chive.  Plus Limited Edition Blueberry Bagels.

My only problem was picking which one for Granny and I to try first.

We opted for savoury and into the toaster they went.

I have to say the bagels are divine, the sweetness of the red onion was really good, the nice thing about them were the actual pieces of onion, soft and caramelized. The chives complemented the bagel too. We ate them with slices of Red Leicester. Chris had his just with butter and was another fan.

They are really filling for a lunch too.

The next morning I had to try the blueberry bagel and they were as I had hoped, sweet,with succulent blueberries. These I just ate with butter, they needed nothing else, however I did add some cream cheese to one for supper. I am sad these are a limited edition as they really are one of my fave New York Bakery bagels so far.

The fruit and oat variety was another lovely bagel, the oats  make this a great breakfast addition and the sweet fruit really complements the bagel.

What appeals to me is firstly how filling one bagel is, how tasty and how fresh. Secondly they have an excellent sell by date, so great for buying in a weekly shop. Lastly its just nice to have something a bit different and tasty for breakfast.

New York Bakery Co’s Fruit & Oat and Red Onion & Chive bagels cost from £1.55 for a pack of four and are available at Tesco and Morrisons stores nationwide from January 2013. Visit the New York Bakery Co Facebook page at for more information or recipe tips.

Here are some mouth-watering recipe suggestions using the whole NYBC bagel range for you to try out at home with friends, family or on your own.


Diner Breakfast
-      Toast a Wholemeal or Plain bagel and top with creamy scrambled egg, cracked black pepper and crispy NY style bacon

Classic Brunch
-      A true classic: top your Sesame bagel with smoked salmon, smooth cream cheese and sprinklings of dill and watercress

Deli Lunch
-      Fill your Red Onion & Chive bagel full of meaty pastrami, crunchy gherkins, and fiery Dijon mustard
-      Healthy Wholemeal bagel bursting with mouth-watering avocado, crispy bacon, lettuce & juicy tomato

Cheesy Treat
-      Create a yummy pizza bagel by melting mozzarella on a Sesame or Plain bagel and topping with juicy cherry tomatoes and freshly cracked black pepper

Afternoon Delight
-      Spread lashings of butter on a toasted sweet Cinnamon & Raisin bagel

Tea Time Feast
-      Devour a Plain bagel with spicy chorizo, sundried tomato and peppery rocket


  1. I'd like to try the fruit & oat one. Would be nice with real butter or marmalade.

  2. Its scrummy, really soft and sweet.

  3. I have tried bagels but am not keen on the hole in the middle in which food drops through!

  4. I am going to have to try your Cheesy Treat bagel. Sounds good !

  5. ooo, we love their bagels. No bakery makes a better one.