Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Boursin Light Review

I was recently sent some Boursin products to try, the original Boursin with Garlic and herbs was a regular feature for Chris and I to snack on. Saturday nights, a dvd, a glass of wine and a tub or two of Boursin on Carrs water biscuits was a favourite. Since joining Slimming World, the full fat cheeses had to go on hold. Happily I am at my target weight, but I am still more careful about snacking.

Happy news when Boursin told me they now have a light version. I checked out the syn values so for the regular SW readers it works out at a great 1.5 syns per 25g, so perfect for popping on a ryvita for lunch. 

Since cutting down on fat,I have become a lot more inventive in cooking meals that are packed with taste, so the Boursin Light works well for me, it has another advantage over the original as it seems to be more spreadable so goes further.

I have tried melting it through tagliatelle and spinach for a healthy lunch and my aim is to stuff chicken, wrap in bacon and serve with a salad and hot new potatoes.

Its a great addition to a fab range especially for those of us who are eating healthily and the taste is as great as I hoped for.

Containing 78% less fat than Boursin original garlic & herbs, Boursin Light offers the same delicious taste and creamy, crumbly texture without the added calories, so you can indulge in your favourite soft cheese guilt-free; perfect enjoyed spread over crackers, warm bread, or stirred into pasta and served with fresh salad leaves for a light lunch.

Boursin Light, is available at Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado priced at £1.90 (125g)
Calorie Information: 139 per 100g serving
Typical values per 100g
Energy value 580 kJ / 139 kcal
Protein 12g
Carbohydrate 2.5g
Fat 9g


  1. It's gorgeous, I cold eat lots of it but then I think just cos it lighter doesn't mean I should be greedy with it!

  2. It'd be nice in mashed potato. Or I'd stir a dollop into spaghetti.

  3. This is the only cheese I like! And now it's lower fat so that's fantastic :)

  4. Love this cheese on oatcakes

  5. Mmmm, i would never have tried this if you hadnt reviewed it. Reading all of the comments and people saying its fab made me go out and buy it. I love it on crackers instead of full fat cheese. I just love cheese, one of my downfalls along with bread but hey, everyone has theirs lol. Thanks for all of the wonderful reviews that you do. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and checking our your reviews. It has opened my eyes to a lot of different products that i probably would never have bought :o)

  6. Love this - didnt know you could get a low fat version!

  7. I'm addicted to Boursin! Boursin on toast is amazing! (shame I smell so much after eating it!)

  8. I like the light but I do prefer the full version!