Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Alpro Ambassador #Deskfest

With on-the-go breakfasts increasing at the workplace, people are opting for expensive, unhealthy choices to eat at their desk in the mornings or just skipping breakfast completely. I work from home and with a busy life I also skipped breakfast a lot last year. I have made a resolution for 2013 to eat breakfast every day and as I am making it for my Granny who I care for full time, it will be easier (I hope) to keep to.

I was invited to be one of the Alpro ambassadors and take part in a 5 day #deskfest challenge for the start of 2013 I have been asked to create five simple breakfasts to enjoy at my desk incorporating an Alpro product.

The concept of #deskfest encourages people to put a creative, healthy spin on their morning routine – changing their dull, unhealthy breakfast into a delicious, simple start to the day.

My desk is a laptop, my lap, products I review and lots of brand release paperwork, all this is usually on my sofa, but it is still a work place so my #deskfest will be shots of this and around the kitchen. 

The idea is that you share your deskfest creations on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest including the hashtag #deskfest. I am documenting on the blog for others who may want to get involved too. Alpro are doing a wider competition to win breakfast in New York, so any pictures tweeted to the deskfest hashtag, will automatically be included.

So my first breakfast was rather good, I decided to have a tropical  theme.

The Alpro Pouring Yogurt with Vanilla,mixed with a little plain yogurt, then poured over, melon, pineapple and grapes, topped with a mix of oats, pumpkin seeds and raisins.
Very simple, very quick to make, incredibly tasty and gave me just the kickstart for my new decision.


Disclosure I was given  free products. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. 


  1. Good luck in your resolution to have breakfast everyday. By all accounts our bodies and brains need breakfast. Hope the caring for your Gran is going well too.

    1. Thanks May,my body needs it and definitely my brain. Granny is great thank you.

    2. Good, good. (I had shortbread biscuits for breakfast yesterday. Terrible!)