Monday, 14 January 2013

Alpro #DeskFest Fruity Marbled Porridge

My fifth and final #deskfest was just perfect for the a winter morning. It has  snowed overnight and its so chilly. A big bowl of porridge made with Alpro milk was just the thing to tuck into.

I am feeling decidedly full and warm. I made a fruit compote with some leftover raspberries and swirled it through the porridge for sweetness.Very tasty indeed.

Now we all have our own ways of making porridge, Chris makes his in the microwave, I like to make a big pan full. 

Mine was made with 50g of Scottish porridge oats and 350 ml of Alpro Soya milk. I brought them to the boil and simmered and stirred for 4 minutes.

While this was cooking, in a small pan I popped in the raspberries and a little apple juice and simmered. You can add sugar if you like it sweeter.

Then its just a case of piling your yummy porridge in a big bowl, swirling through the fruit compote and topping with some fresh raspberries. 

Granny and I had a big bowl each and the birds in the garden got the leftovers, with more snow forecast for this afternoon they need a breakfast too.

I have loved being an Alpro ambassador and eating a range of breakfasts for five days, all using Alpro goodies. 

The #DeskFest starts today and you can get involved, just upload all your deskfest creations on Twitter/Instagram//Pinterest including the hashtag #deskfest.  Alpro are holding a competition to win breakfast in New York, so any pictures tweeted to the deskfest hashtag, will automatically be included.

Tweet a pic of your creative brekkie to #deskfest


  1. Nothing more warming than porridge. Also very cheap to eat.

  2. I would love to try raspberries with porridge as it looks so good but I can't eat them :(

  3. I also regularly use Alpro too. I really like the way you added the raspberries in - I might try that thanks!

  4. I've never tried Alpro milk, I geenerally use cows milk.

  5. My youngest son has skin allergies and the doctors said it could be something to do with milk dairy products. It would be interesting to try this and see if it makes any difference. Cheers.

  6. Never tried Alpro but i eat porridge every morning. Good for you, keeps you full for longer and help lower cholesterol and im on meds for high cholesterol so thats why i have it every morn. I love it... a wee bit of brown sugar makes it lovely and sweet. More like a dessert than a breakfast. Is this milk lower in fat than cows milk as im starting a diet this week and looking for a low fat alternative?

  7. Porridge and raspberries - my favourite!

  8. I've not tried Alpro yet. I love porridge with chocolate and raspberries.

  9. That looks delicious! I know porridge is more of a winter thing, but I still eat it during the summer as I get so hungry mid morning! Going to have to try it with fruit compote now though! Mmm.

  10. This looks delicious. It looks so light.



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