Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Venus Spa Breeze Review

Designed for women who seek convenience, but still love to indulge their skin, the Venus Spa Breeze razor contains built-in shave gel bars that provide a skin-loving light lather for a smooth shave without the need for separate shave gel.

I was sent the Venus Spa Breeze to trial and I love everything about it.

Firstly its really easy to open the packaging, one thing that bugs me about rigid packaging are the sharp hard to open boxes. This has a press in portion and is simple.

The Venus Spa Breeze is also in its own handy container. 

I like this for the fact that the blades and razor are all in one place together and can be stored neatly and cleanly.

The blades have a shave gel bar attached, these are in little packets to further keep them clean. Its easy to attach a head and unattach after they are finished.

The razor is very easy to use, once I had remembered I did not need to soap my legs which I did the first time as so used to having to do that. It makes it a lot faster with the gel bar. The bars contain olive, avocado and kokum oil which makes for a lovely fragrance.

They shave really close and left my legs feeling smooth. I really have enjoyed a different shaving experience.

Venus Spa Breeze with one cartridge and one Showerpod™ RRP £9.99
4 pack RRP £9.69
8 pack RRP £18.39

For stockist details call 00800 4455 3883.

I was also sent  the ProSkin Sensitive blades Every blade actually fits every handle so fit onto the Spa Breeze razor too.  This is the great thing about Venus as depending on the type of shave your require, you can simply swap over the blades on the same razor handle. 

The Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor is designed for women who want to protect their skin as they shave. Specially designed to achieve a close shave with less feel of irritation*, the Venus ProSkin Sensitive is great even on sensitive skin.

Features & Benefits

  • Venus ProSkin Sensitive features 5 floating blades spaced close together to reduce pressure and achieve a closer shave
  • An extra-rich protective ribbon of moisture lubricates and protects the skin whilst providing a close shave with less feel of irritation
  • Enhanced lubricating strip** helps improve glide over the skin
  • The soft handle gives you great control, even when wet
  • Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor is dermatologically tested and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance
*vs. Simply Venus™ 2 **vs. Venus Embrace

The Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor is available in all major UK retail outlets. For stockist details call 00800 4455 3883.

Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor with one cartridge and one Showerpod™ RRP £9.99
Venus ProSkin Sensitive blades 3 pack RRP £9.69
Venus ProSkin Sensitive blades 6 pack RRP £17.99


  1. Thanks for the review. Looks good too.

  2. I like anything that can be stored neatly! Looks great!

  3. I love the Venus ranges and this looks great, however I do find them slightly on the expensive side.

  4. I own this razor and it is brilliant. I've owned a few from the range over the years. This is great. My only gripe is that it's kinda bulky, and the bars come off easily. Maybe I'm storing it wrongly.

    Otherwise I love it!

  5. I've used Venus razors before and found them really good and easy to store.

  6. I love using Venus razors!

  7. Totally agree with you about the packaging - everyone should copy Venus. When you've purchased something you don't want to feel like a criminal trying to break into it! Also the amount of times I've managed to cut myself on the hard plastic! Grrrr.

  8. They are great, it's just a shame that blades for all razors are getting so expensive, particularly men's :)