Tuesday, 11 December 2012

New York Soup Co.’s ‘Fully Loaded’ Review

Fully Loaded Flavour from New York Soup Co.
Pulled pork, meatballs and nachos are just some of the flavours that have inspired New York Soup Co.’s new ‘Fully Loaded’ range and I for one was pretty excited. The whole family love spicy food and we love Tex Mex flavourings and the New York Soup Co bring a range of flavours that are found in NY city. 

So it was just a squabble to see who had which flavours.
Paige and I won the first choice, mainly because Chris and Con were at work. We opted to try the Nacho Chilli Chicken and it was a good first choice.

Paige said it is the best soup she has ever tasted. I have since bought more for her at college.

I loved the gorgeous warming chilli flavour, I could also taste other spices, maybe cumin and coriander . 

Whats great is the soup is a meal more than a snack or light lunch, its packed with big pieces of chicken breast, sweetcorn and pepper. It is indeed fully loaded and very filling.

BBQ Pulled Pork and Beef

Chris and I shared the BBQ Pulled Pork and Bean, I was a little disappointed in this as I found it a bit too sweet, but Chris loved it, so possibly more to do with my not liking sweet and savoury together. Again the soup was packed with beans and huge amounts of meat. 

Paige had the lentil and bean, she said it was warming and had a good amount of spice and lots of beans, 

The Tomato and Meatball is really lovely full of good Italian spices, rather like a meal again.

I feel the price really makes them great value at £2.10 a pot.

I will definitely recommend you try them.

New York Soup Co. is passionate about creating a big bold taste experience. Whether it’s a great piece o’meat or a knockout flavour you’re after, the new Fully Loaded soups are the real deal. Bursting with flavour and chunky fresh ingredients for a hearty and warming lunch, wait ‘til you get a taste of these new soups which include BBQ Pulled Pork and Bean, Tomato and Meatball, Nacho Chilli Chicken and Chunky Lentil and Bean.
New York Soup Co.’s recipes are all about the vast range of ingredients and the melting pot of eclectic cuisines that you find in New York City. All its soups are made from scratch with fresh ingredients that are gently simmered for a home cooked flavour and texture.

The New York Soup Co. has a great load of soups including the four new ‘Fully Loaded’ flavours as well as three ‘Original’ soups including Tomato, Bean & Basil, three ‘Skinny’ recipes including New England Butternut Squash, and one seasonal ‘Limited Edition’ soup which celebrates key American events throughout the year.
Check out New York Soup Co. at a Tesco store near you with pots available from £2.10. For more information please visit www.newyorksoupco.com or become a fan at www.facebook.co.uk/newyorksoupco.


  1. I'm a big fan of New York Soup Co soups, I love the limited edition pumpkin one, it's amazing. I haven't tried any of the fully loaded ones yet but they look really good!

  2. I a originally from New York, so I think they all sound good!

    1. They are gorgeous, the Lentil one is so filling.

  3. I like the sound of the lentil one.

  4. What is Pulled pork? Sounds interesting!

  5. I love my soups! Good review :O)

  6. I will definitely look out for these soups when I doing the supermarket shopping, would love to try them.