Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Laughing Cow Blue Cheese Review

The Laughing Cow launches NEW Light with Blue Cheese

I was pretty pleased with the launch of Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese. As you will know cheese is up in the top five products I review, I love it and blue cheese is a favourite.

 Regular Given To Distracting Others readers also will know that I successfully dropped three dress sizes with Slimming World over a year ago and happily I am still maintaining my target weight. 

Its thanks to the light versions of my favourites, I thought I would be failing when it came to cheese as I believed it would be the food I missed along with bread.

The great news is for my SW allowances I can have up to four triangles a day. I do actually eat a more varied diet and am able to add forbidden foods as I need to keep my weight up as well.

So I tried one on a crumpet firstly to see how good they were as a topping. There is a lovely blue cheese creamy taste, not too bitter and really no hint of it being a light version.

Laughing Cow have some great healthy swaps below, but I have a few of my own ideas as well.

I have decided to fill chicken breasts with the cheese and wrap in bacon, served with a salad it will be great.
It melts well so will be good for making a broccoli and blue cheese soup.
Also I want to try melted into pasta maybe with crispy bacon or pancetta.

Cheesy-peasy swaps:
• 1 small slice (25g) Stilton is equivalent to 4 The Laughing Cow Light with 
Blue Cheese triangles 
• 1 small slice (25g) Cheddar is equivalent to 4 The Laughing Cow Light 
with Blue Cheese triangles
• 1 small slice (25g) Brie is equivalent to 3 The Laughing Cow Light with 
Blue Cheese triangles

Why not try  two pieces of The Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese spread on two crackers 
for just 93 calories instead of…
• A plain bagel with Philadelphia Light with Garlic and Herb (322 calories) – SAVING 229 
• Chicken and salad sandwich on white bread (297 calories per sandwich) – SAVING 204 
• 1 piece of wholemeal bread toasted and served with a low-fat spread (131 calories) –
SAVING 38 calories

English muffin with The Laughing Cow light Blue Cheese and bacon
Slice one English muffin in half and lightly toast. Grill 2 rashers of lean back bacon until crispy, allow to cool then roughly chop. Mash 2 The Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese triangles and stir in the bacon bits. Spread over the muffins and 
serve with a tomato salad - 315cals/13g fat 

The Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese and celery on oatcakes 
Thinly slice 1 stick of celery and mash with 2 triangles of Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese spread over 2 oat 
cakes or half a toasted bagel - 122cals/7g fat 
The Laughing  Cow Light with Blue Cheese, Green Pepper, 
walnuts and celery
Mash 1 triangle Laughing Cow light blue cheese and mix with 
2 roughly walnuts spoon into middle of 2 sticks of celery -
125cals/11g fat 

Common associations with blue include feeling sad, the noughties boy band and perhaps something a little more risqué, but for the UK’s most popular cheese triangle, The Laughing Cow, blue cheese is the latest flavour to join its light range.

Made with real blue cheese and with just 25 calories per triangle, The Laughing Cow Light with Blue Cheese is a perfect way to enjoy the distinctive taste of blue but without the fat,   bringing an exciting new twist to a balanced diet.

There are many ways to enjoy the new cheese; it can be spread on a cracker, enjoyed on its own as a light snack, or used as a cooking ingredient for a main dish such as a blue cheese dressing or alternative blue mash.

The new round boxes of eight cheese triangles are available now in Tesco and Sainsbury’s and will be available in Morrisons from the end of September and Asda from the middle of October.
New Laughing Cow Light Cheese spread with real Blue
Cheese is available in packs with 8 cheese triangles.
Available now from larger stores of Morrisons, Tesco,  
Sainsbury’s and Asda. RSP: 1.25 
Visit for more information


  1. sounds nice i love blue cheese!

  2. I love blue cheese and at just 25 calories a triangle these are a good diet aid! Eating cheese is like one of those dieting sins but this is great! Must get some.

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