Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Clover Block Christmas Recipes

Clover has a new product  Clover Block - and I put it to the test on some of my favourite Christmas recipes. You can check out all the wonderful recipes for the festive season on the Clover Facebook page

I was sent Clover Block and paid for my ingredients and have been cooking up a storm.

Firstly I have to say how versatile it really is. It is a good product for frying ingredients for my recipes. It melts really well, which is handy for brushing onto pastry such as filo.

I bought a turkey and decided to make some early Christmas meals, I am pretty busy these days so it was a great way to be ahead of Christmas and be able to enjoy the time with my family.

My Turkey and Filo Pie is a great way to use up turkey after the big day. Through the year I make with chicken and leek, but its tasty with the turkey and tarragon too.

Its really simple to make and using filo means it is fast to make a pie.

Serves 6 people

50g Clover Block for frying
 leftover turkey I used 400g
1 tsp butter
4 leekswashed and cut into 1cm thick rounds
125ml white wine
200ml made Knorr stock pot

107g Philadelphia Light

1 tbsp chopped fresh tarragon
1 tbsp olive oil
1 pack  filo pastry 

Melted Clover Block for brushing.


Pre heat the oven to 190 C 170 C Fan or Gas 5.

Melt the Clover Block in a heavy frying pan and cook the leeks for about 5  minutes. 

Stir in the turkey,white wine and  stock and bring to a simmer – cook for about 5 minutes – until slightly reduced.

Add the Philadelphia Light and chopped tarragon, then stir until it has melted into a creamy sauce. Add a dash of stock or water if looking too thick.

 Spoon the mixture into a shallow, 1 litre ovenproof pie dish and leave to cool.

Brush the edge of the pie dish with olive oil if using a shallow dish which has the pastry overlapping.  Mine was a deep dish, so not needed.

Unroll the filo pastry and lay sheets of pastry over the pie dish. Brush with melted Clover Block  then repeat with the other sheets. Scrunch up any overlapped overhanging pastry, to make a nice look to the pie and brush with the Clover Block.

I used the turkey to make a traditional pie, I wanted to test out the Clover block for shortcrust pastry, it made a really good not too short pastry, easy to roll out and tasty.

The below pie is similar but onion replaces leeks and a stock thickened with flour for a gravy filling. I also use a puff pasty top, but if even the chefs don't make their own any more, neither am I!

Oh and not very Christmassy but Clover Block is great in mash.


  1. Ooh, lovely recipe for boxing day. Might try it. For the last pie what pastry did you have at the bottom, or was it just puff pastry on the top?

  2. The pie looks delicious. We have some puff pastry in the fridge so going to do some turkey puff parcels.

  3. Tried this recipe but used double cream instead of Philladelphia as one person didn't eat cheese. Used puff pastry instead of filo and added ham. It was so delicious. The tarragon really makes it.

  4. this looks so good - as you say not necessarily a holiday recipe! I luv turkey and don't want to only have it at Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Still looking out for Clover Block in the shops. I wish they'd have a lower salt version of clover block.Do they? Why do they have to add salt anyway?

  6. I'll give turkey pie a try

  7. I didn't know they did Clover in a block, maybe I didn't notice because I can't get out anymore so shop online, good to know anyway & I will type it in next time I shop :)