Thursday, 13 December 2012

Belvita Duo Crunch

Belvita Breakfast is a great option for mums on the go.  I know as a busy mum, carer I often skip breakfast so it was handy to try something a bit more convenient

Belvita recommend that you eat it with a piece of fruit, a yogurt and a hot drink and also that you don’t give it to children – not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it’s just that children should try and make time to have breakfast at the table (when possible)! I have instilled good breakfast habits for my two, but I did not do the same as a teen and its pretty hard to break a bad habit.

I was sent  a breakfast package with a few useful gadgets to get me through the day/week!

I certainly have found it useful. A Belvita mug, a keep hot or cold mug,great for keeping my tea hot when I am rushing around. A handy calendar for next year with a student, husband who has a pile of meetings, son on different shifts at work, my Granny with appointments for various things and myself included, I certainly need to keep track of a busy week.

As for the Belvita Duo Crunch, I love them, the sweet yogurt filling make them even yummier, two biscuits really do keep me filled up for a good few hours. I have found I am really benefiting from the easy to grab breakfast.

Strawberry and Live Yogurt adds a new unique spin to the very successful Yogurt Crunch range. The first to contain a deliciously fruity strawberry and creamy live yogurt filling sandwiched between two crunchy Belvita Breakfast biscuits, each serving provides a nutritious mix of 5 wholegrains. Not only this the new edition provides a source of vitamins E, B1, Iron and Magnesium, perfect to help you kick-start your morning!

Leading nutritionist, Fiona Hunter, comments, “One serving of the new Belvita Breakfast Strawberry and Live Yogurt Crunch provides 38% of our RDA of Vitamin E, 22% of our RDA of Magnesium and 20% of our RDA of iron. Eating a good breakfast, full of vitamins and minerals, kick starts our metabolism and gives the body and brain the energy we need until lunchtime1. Research suggests that it also assists with concentration and contributes to improve nutrition density of the overall diet2.
Belvita Breakfast Biscuits are now more popular than ever - one in seven people in the UK have tried the range with more than 1 in 2 coming back for more (56% repeat rate). 3. Rahul Garsahani, Belvita Breakfast Senior Brand Manager, explains: “We know in many European countries that biscuits are a popular choice for breakfast and recent results show that more and more people in the UK are eating Belvita to fit in with their busy lifestyles. 4. The brand is now worth £40.3m and as well as being number 2 brand in Healthy Biscuits, Belvita Breakfast is now the now the 8th largest brand in total biscuits here in the UK. *

1 What’s for breakfast: Nutritional implications of breakfast habits: insights from the NDNS dietary records by S.A.Gibson and P.Gunn. The British Nutrition Foundation Bulletin (2011) 36, 78-86. 5 Breakfast and snacking: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1992), Vol. 55, 645-651.
Breakfast, blood glucose, and cognition.  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (1998) Vol 67, 772S-778S.

3. Belvita Usage and Attitudes study 8th May 2012-08-17
4. Nielsen Scantrack data to w.e. 23.06.12.

The new variant will join the full Belvita Breakfast range, which includes Milk & Cereals, Fruit & Fibre, Honey & Nuts, Crunchy Oats, Forest Fruits, Muesli, Yogurt Crunch and Honey & Live Yogurt Crunch. As with the entire Belvita Breakfast range, the new variant is available in handy, individually wrapped servings of two sandwich biscuits, offering the perfect on-the-go breakfast option for rushed mornings. Strawberry and Live Yogurt Duo Crunch will be available nationwide, in all major supermarkets, from September 2012.  For further information on the entire range, visit or

Strawberry and Live Yogurt Duo Crunch is available in a 253g box containing five individually wrapped servings of four biscuits (RRP £2.69).


  1. I tried these recently, they are lovely!

  2. Not sure I like the idea of biscuits for breakfast. I never have breakfast as it is, so these would be good instead of my ordinary biscuits mid-morning.

  3. I have Belvita for breakfast but not tried these ones, will look out for them next time I'm shopping.

  4. these look great, i normally have the honey and nut biscuits which are also really yummy

  5. These look nice, I never realised what a big brand this was. I have a tea and cereal normally.

  6. I find these kind of things far too sweet

  7. These look tasty!

  8. I must give them a go... they look interesting

  9. I actually bought some of these last week! Yummy but very sweet!

  10. These are really nice but I must be really greedy because I still feel hungry afterwards :)

  11. These are really nice but I must be really greedy because I still feel hungry afterwards :)