Friday, 9 November 2012

Movember update


Well its day nine, I resisted the urge last week to add a picture of Chris and what was his new well, lets just call it bum fluff.

Day 8 is Chris after his shave and there is a definite mo, its out there on his face and I find it quite alien! 

 I also find it fascinating, I find myself staring  at it as we are talking, then I catch him observing me and we laugh!

We have been together twenty years and he has always been as close to clean shaven as he likes, not as much as I like always but I see it similar to me and my pyjama days where I don't fancy straightening my hair, applying make up. Similarly Chris has his odd no shave days where its a chore!

I am actually warming to this new visitor to his face, don't tell him. I am also immensely proud that he is raising awareness and money for a great cause.


  1. It really suits him actually ! Well done Chris ! :)

    1. Ah thanks Cheryl, must say I am getting used to it.

  2. Way to go Chris!

    My Nick ended up shaving his off on day 7. He never lets his "tash" grow in (If you can call it that, it resembles a balding ginger hedgehog!)

  3. Well done - only half of Nov to go!