Friday, 9 November 2012

Jakemans Minis

We have had all the bugs winter could throw at us this year. I never normally suffer, but I have had a few weeks of it. Jakemans timing was pretty good when they sent me the new Jakemans Minis.

The pocket sized packets have been handy while out shopping. I love the Honey and Lemon flavour and Chris pinched the Throat and Chest as he has always had a cold go onto his chest. The Menthol really helps, clear my breathing and the taste is great. 

The miniature version of Jakemans original soothing sweets offer on-the-go relief and fit perfectly into handbags, making them an essential for the cold and flu season and all year round.

Jakemans have launch these two most popular menthol flavours Throat & Chest and Honey & Lemon in to smaller convenient bags, each containing ten Jakemans Minis to keep you going throughout the day. Each sweet is carefully infused with menthol, a clever ingredient that acts as a mild analgesic and provides stimulating vapours to soothe throats and help to keep the nose clear.   
What’s so special about menthol?
Menthol is unique for the cooling sensations it imparts to the skin, stuffy noses and sore throats. This sensation numbs nerve sensations creating the soothing effect found in Jakemans menthol confectionery.  Menthol helps ease runny noses and it stimulates bronchial openings making breathing easier
Menthol has powerful anti-bacterial properties so it naturally kills off micro-organisms that may lead to a throat infection

Made with only the finest ingredients, Jakemans Minis contain no artificial colours or flavours and are suitable for vegetarians.

Availability: This November, new Jakemans Minis will be available from major convenience stores and independent pharmacies nationwide.


  1. I love these, I find the menthol one great when my asthma is bad & I'm struggling to get air to the bottom of my lungs, with one of these I manage a lot better.

  2. Never even realised these exsisted! Going to find some next time I pop to the shops:)

  3. Sounds great! Especially for this time of year

  4. These look a good idea, I think they would be suitable or my eldest lad, who often gets all sorts of illnesses and infections.

  5. We all came down with colds at Christmas time. Wish I'd had some Jakemans.