Saturday, 24 November 2012


I am honoured to know Kerry AKA Multiple Mummy. We met via the virtual world of blogging and Twitter she invited me to join a twin link up. We laughed and joked a few times, she is an incredibly giving human. A great Mum to her three children and obviously adored by her husband. 

My initial thoughts of Kerry is a woman full of life, love and passion.
This has been cruelly was put on hold by a  brain aneurysm and her family and indeed Kerry have been  fighting their way back for the last few months.

You may have noticed the little blog badge in the right hand column. 'Healing Thoughts for Multiple Mummy' you may have clicked through and read how her husband is determined to keep her blog going, just for her and as a link to her life before this terrible tragedy.
I am joining in a blog hop if you  wish to add your post for Kerry you will find it here and a time of silence tonight at 10pm as Kerry has suffered further setbacks Multiple Daddy as asked for our prayers and if praying is not something you do, he asked that we  eat chocolate as Kerry would approve.

So Kerry a big bar of Galaxy awaits a candle lit and as I have done constantly since I first found out, will be pausing to pray for you and join in with other Mums, dads and fellow Twitter folk to send you healing thoughts. Follow hashtag  

Kerry I pray you are restored to full health, that the love that goes out tonight, the love that comes from fellow bloggers, friends and family, lifts you, guides you back to your babies and husband.


  1. Beautiful post. Let's hope and pray tonight speeds her on her journey home.
    Liska xx

  2. I was absolutely shocked when I first heard that Kerry was so poorly. I've often enjoyed her blog posts and commented on her blog. If it was such a horrible shock for us who know her 'virtually' I can only imagine how heartbreaking it's been for her family and friends.
    The one big thing this brought home for me is how much we can touch other people's lives even if we don't actually 'know' them directly.
    One thing is for sure, if the power of positive thought really can make a difference there is so much positivity aimed at Kerry and her family that they should be blessed with only good things in future .