Monday, 19 November 2012

Desert Island Dishes Maldon Salt Review

To mark its 130th birthday, Maldon Salt Company has teamed up with the Academy of Culinary Arts to create Desert Island Dishes – a cookbook with an impressive list of top chefs, including Brian Turner, Rick Stein, Albert Roux, John Williams and Gary Rhodes, among many other well-known names. 

I was sent a copy to have a nosey, then try out one of the recipes that I will be making and posting later, I also have been given five copies to give away to Given To Distracting Others readers.

Maldon asked more than 60 of the world’s top chefs: ‘What’s the one dish you couldn’t live without – your desert island dish?’ The responses led to a book filled with inspiration, diversity and new twists on popular dishes. Every single nominated recipe pays tribute to the versatility and uniqueness of Maldon salt.

Universally loved, Maldon sea salt remains the ingredient of choice among the world’s top chefs and in home kitchens alike, creating a universal community of cooks.  Food critic and Maldon enthusiast Jay Rayner, who provided the introduction for the book, says, “Maldon salt is one of the tightest links between the amateur and the professional kitchen. It is the salt others are measured by. If proof were needed take a look at the remarkable list of great cooks who have contributed to this book”.

Its a really good read, firstly I love the full sized photos of the dishes, the recipes are home favourites of mine such as a roast beef dinner to real gourmet affair,  such as Adam Byatt’s Beetroot-cured salmon gravadlax, or even the delicious Soft chocolate caramel with almonds and Maldon sea from Alain Roux – a welcome end to any meal.
        L-R: Alan Coxon’s Fish in a tamarind and coconut curry; Chris and Jeff Galvin’s Chilled English asparagus with truffle vinaigrette; Paul Gayler’s Chocolate brownies with Maldon sea salt milk jam.

This salt preserved chilli pepper recipe is easy and one I intend to make, I think it will be far better than freezing them and I use a lot. There are chefs tips scattered through the book, such as firming up fish before cooking by sprinkling with Maldon salt. Chopping garlic, mixing with the Maldon's and covering with olive oil, then this can be stored for a couple of weeks and added to fave dishes.

As for the Maldon Salt itself, its a lovely fresh taste, I know its strange but all salt does not taste the same, this seems sweeter, more flavourful. Its incredibly good on roast potatoes before they are cooked.

I cannot wait to try the recipe soon and I will be back with the giveaway shortly.

Desert Island Dishes is a beautifully presented 192 page hardback book with a foreword by Brian Turner and an introduction by Jay Rayner. The book is published by Infinite Ideas and will be on sale at a recommended retail price of £18.99 in Waterstones, Foyles, Daunt Books and all other good booksellers from 8th October, with pre-order on Amazon available immediately.

Disclosure I was given a free product and copy of the book. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. 


  1. That's a useful cookery book to have in the kitchen. Thanks for the review.