Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Heinz ‘Get Well’ Soup

Earlier this year Heinz launched an app on the facebook page where you can personalize a can of tomato or chicken soup for a poorly friend or relative.  
I just love this idea, I know if I had the sniffles a tin of Heinz Cream of Chicken would appeal to me much more than chocolates. Its the soup I love when I feel a bit under the weather. Every  90 cans bought also means Heinz will fund one pantomime for Starlight Children's Foundation

 For a limited time, you can purchase, gift or share a can of ‘Get Well’ Soup via the Facebook page www.facebook.com/HeinzSoupUK 

Scott Inness Festive Gifts

I love perusing new products for my home at Christmas, tableware for the big day is probably something we spend most time looking at. Chris always does the table, we carefully plan the colour scheme and browse websites and shops looking.

One great place is Scott Inness, who sent me a sample tablemat to have a look at.

The Hollyberry collection is really lovely, the greens and reds an obvious choice for Christmas.

Bring Christmas colour into your home with Scott Inness’ wonderful new festive designed gifts. Just launched is the luscious red berried Festive Garland tea towel, melamine tablemats, melamine coasters and party drinks mats or the contemporary Hollyberry Tree apron, tea towel, tablemats, coasters and party drinks mats.

Creating a festive fusion of colour and design these delightful products make perfect gifts and transform everyday household items into elegant, beautiful must-haves. Designed in ScotlandScott Inness take traditional images and create iconic, eye-catching designs all with a bright and colourful contemporary twist.

The Festive Garland design in green and red provides a very contemporary slant to a traditional Christmas look and the tea towel will add a wonderful splash of colour to any kitchen. Be creative and wrap the tea towel around any bottle, jam or chutney, simply drawn together with a bright colourful ribbon to make an innovative little gift.

Scott Inness has also used this design to adorn the Christmas table with melamine tablemats and coasters or for that bigger party, choose the fun drinks mats with designs on both sides. They have taken the humble beer mat and transformed it into a versatile, reversible, reusable drinks mat, making the perfect party gift. They can even be recycled when you have finished with them.
The bright festive colours and fun design makes the Hollyberry Tree a firm favourite. In bright party pink, red and garland green this looks fabulous when cooking the Christmas turkey! Wondering what to buy your Christmas hostess then this is it, and even better, complement it with a Hollyberry Tree tea towel too.

These Christmas designs are just part of a beautiful collection of gifts and homewares offered by Scott Inness based in Argyll. They use their own unique take on traditional images to create stunning contemporary designs that make great gifts that are appreciated all around the world. They are all available from www.scottinness.com.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Silent Sunday


I am honoured to know Kerry AKA Multiple Mummy. We met via the virtual world of blogging and Twitter she invited me to join a twin link up. We laughed and joked a few times, she is an incredibly giving human. A great Mum to her three children and obviously adored by her husband. 

My initial thoughts of Kerry is a woman full of life, love and passion.
This has been cruelly was put on hold by a  brain aneurysm and her family and indeed Kerry have been  fighting their way back for the last few months.

You may have noticed the little blog badge in the right hand column. 'Healing Thoughts for Multiple Mummy' you may have clicked through and read how her husband is determined to keep her blog going, just for her and as a link to her life before this terrible tragedy.
I am joining in a blog hop if you  wish to add your post for Kerry you will find it here and a time of silence tonight at 10pm as Kerry has suffered further setbacks Multiple Daddy as asked for our prayers and if praying is not something you do, he asked that we  eat chocolate as Kerry would approve.

So Kerry a big bar of Galaxy awaits a candle lit and as I have done constantly since I first found out, will be pausing to pray for you and join in with other Mums, dads and fellow Twitter folk to send you healing thoughts. Follow hashtag  

Kerry I pray you are restored to full health, that the love that goes out tonight, the love that comes from fellow bloggers, friends and family, lifts you, guides you back to your babies and husband.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Disney's Winnie The Pooh Giveaway

Disney's Winnie The Pooh Academy has brought together a panel of storytelling experts which includes broadcaster and mum of two, Zoe Ball, child psychologist Emma Kenny, and Disney’s Justine Finch, in order to create the Winnie the Pooh Storytelling Academy. The Academy is an online resource offering a wide range of tips, tricks and guidance designed to show modern parents and grandparents how both traditional and modern multimedia storytelling techniques can help them achieve a rich, shared family story time experience.

I recently posted their reading tips for Grandparents here and Disney kindly have offered a Winnie The Pooh book and DVD to Given To Distracting Others as a prize.

I want to know yours or your childs  favourite book, or a book that was read to you as a child?

Just fill in the rafflecopter, don't forget to comment under this post. Lots of extra entries available too.


I read to my children nearly every day especially at bedtime, I believe it was important, the love of books is great obviously for education, reading skills etc. But its a moment of pure escapism, a time to wind down for children and adults alike, I find great joy reading, it takes me away and is a great hobby, also can be a free hobby if money is tight.

I am featuring Disney's Winnie the Pooh Storytelling Academy findings and tips on reading with families and also am giving away a Winnie The Pooh book and DVD. 

Christmas is a time for family; from throwing open the doors to welcome children and grandchildren, to travelling near or far to pay a festive visit. There are opportunities for storytelling aplenty at this time of year; however research from Disney has shown that the amount of time families commit to reading stories is lapsing, with only a tiny margin (3%) of parents and grandparents reading to their children during the festive season.

The silver surfer storytellers
While grandparents are beginning to embrace new technologies with a quarter (25%) regularly reading stories down the phone to their grandchildren, and almost a third (29%) telling stories over Skype/video call. In response to this, Disney, has created helpful tips and tricks via the Winnie the Pooh Storytelling Academy on how to put children at ease at bedtime, whether in their home or at a grandparents’ house this Christmas. The tips are offered by the Disney Winnie the Pooh Storytelling Academy Panel made up of celebrity mum and presenter, Zoe Ball, child psychologist Emma Kenny, and Disney’s Justine Finch.

Top tips for festive storytelling for grandparents from the panel:
Storytelling during sleepovers at grandparents’ house:
  Maintain a familiar bedtime routine in order to put grandchildren at ease whilst away from their usual home comforts. A bedtime routine has always been about creating a safe, warm and enjoyable haven. Make sure that children are in their comfiest pyjamas and understand that it’s wind-down time before going to bed
  Set the festive scene for story time and make it cosy and inviting, a toasty fire by the Christmas tree is guaranteed to set the Christmas mood just right!
 Ask grandchildren to write their own story about their Christmas holidays with their grandparents which they can re-read when they return home. 

Storytelling in the child’s home:
  Use the festive season to strengthen relationships with grandchildren. Having a regular time slot each day when you sit down together and share a story is a fantastic way of spending quality time
 When visiting their home over the holidays, make a conscious effort to fit in to the children’s bedtime routine and follow story time patterns to maintain consistency and put children at ease
  If children are shy it’s a good idea to get parents involved for the first few festive tales to put children at ease until story time with grandparents becomes second nature
  Inject a bit of fun and expression into the narrative; this is a great way to keep children engaged. Think about ways to incorporate expression into the stories you are reading, whether it is through funny voices for different characters, animated facial expressions like looking frightened or excited and include lots of gestures.

Storytelling from afar:
 Embrace modern technology to bridge the geographical divide. If it is impossible to be with your children this Christmas, storytelling can still be done over the phone or through video messaging - stories can still be dramatised just as effectively on the phone and it’s a great novelty for any child to see their family on screen!
  Storybook apps are also a great way to allow parents and grandparents to record their voice reading the seasonal story, enabling children to listen to them, even if they are in a different time zone and unable to come to the phone .

“Disney has a rich heritage in bringing the tales of Winnie the Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood to life, whether through traditional books or through digital technology. The Winnie the Pooh Storytelling Academy is an online resource which we’ve created to support families across the UK to help inject life into storytime and to create rich, shared storytelling experiences that families can enjoy together,” comments Justine Finch, at Disney.

The Disney Winnie the Pooh Storytelling Academy is a valuable online resource where parents and grandparents who face storytelling challenges can go to pick up tips and tricks from our panel of experts:www.disney.co.uk/winniethepooh/storytelling

Additionally, Robert Webb stars in Tales of Friendship with Winnie the Pooh, which launched on 15th October and is broadcast on the Disney Junior channel.

* Survey carried out by YouGov of 1,000 parents and grandparents in the UK with children under six in August 2012.

Geeta's Spice Route Review

Geeta Samtani has spent years researching recipes in India and the recipes have been handed down the family for generations. I am glad they decided to share them, I have tried a few dishes at the Good Food show and usually grab a few mixes to try out myself.

The new spice Route range is the latest and I was sent two to try for myself.

Now I can easily grab spices from my two large spice crates and blend, but I am so so busy now, these ready made mixes suit me well.

I decided to try the kebab mix for my readers as its a food I love but try and avoid as its generally quite unhealthy, made at home though with lean lambs mince or even chicken its a tasty healthier option.

I omitted the oil in the mix and saving further time I put the entire mixture in a loaf tin to cook in the oven. Then sliced the meatloaf and served in wonderful fresh naans for a local Indian supermarket I am lucky enough to be near.

For Slimming World followers lambs mince from Asda the one that is under 16% fat makes one quarter portion work out at 4 syns if like me you omit the oil.

The finished result is lovely, different taste from the kebab meat in a shop, this is spicy, really flavoursome and so easy to make.

Full of a mixture of expertly selected Indian herbs and spices, Geeta’s new Spice Route range is sure to add some much-needed flavour into your kitchen whilst making it simple to prepare delicious, authentic Indian food at home.

Choose from a selection of seven tasty combinations including Dhansak, Tandoori, Rogan Josh, Keralan, Tikka and Kebab and combine with vegetables, meat or fish of your choice to make a tasty regional Indian meal – perfect to warm you up on these colder winter evenings.

The versatile range is priced at £1.39 for a 30g pack, enough for four servings, and can be used as a marinade to make a curry or as seasoning mix for spicy kebabs or meatballs. Each spice mix is from a particular region of India and champions the spices and herbs typical of that area.

As a perfect dry marinade why not grill or BBQ chicken or prawns with either the Tandoori mix combining roasted cumin, ginger and cardamom, or the Tikka, which has a zingy blend of roasted coriander, cardamom and chilli before cooking? Or if you’re looking for more of a sauce-based dish then try the Keralan, Rogan Josh, Chettinad or Dhansak mix and follow Geeta’s simple recipe, which is included on each packet.

The Kebab mix blends the Indian spice blend Garam Masala with roasted cumin and black pepper and is perfect mixed with minced lamb to make delicious Indian kofta or meatball. This is proving the belief of Geeta’s that Indian cooking methods are simply a balance of a few good quality ingredients and the spice route range aims to inspire you to be adventurous in the kitchen and try new recipes.

Using recipes handed down through the generations of Geeta Samtani’s family as well as Geeta’s personal research and travels across India, the Spice Route range truly celebrates India’s vast culinary regions including Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab and Kashmir.   

The Geeta’s Spice Route range is available from Asda, www.geetasfo ods.com and from various independent retailers priced at £1.49.

For recipe inspiration or more information visit www.geetasfoods.com and follow us on Twitter (@GeetasFoods)

 Disclosure I was given a free product. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Matey Gift Sets

Matey was a great part of growing up, it helped get me into the bath and I suspect many reluctant children.
I was surprised to learn Matey has been around since 1958.

I was sent the Molly Matey new gift set launched in time for Christmas, I adore the Seahorse flannel hand puppet, yet another reason for children to want to get into the bubbles and play. The Matey is really sweet and fruity, with the cute seahorse, it makes a fab prezzie!

For the boys Max Matey comes with a toucan flannel hand puppet.
Matey is mild and gentle with a hypoallergenic and skin-ph neutral formulation so it’s kind to sensitive skin.

Add Matey bubble bath to the stream of running water and swish by hand to create soft, fruity fragranced bubbles.

The Matey gift sets are a bubbly world of fun, games and adventure that will make any child smile this Christmas! Available to purchase from Tesco, Asda and pharmacies with a RRSP of £5.49*.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Desert Island Dishes Maldon Salt Review

To mark its 130th birthday, Maldon Salt Company has teamed up with the Academy of Culinary Arts to create Desert Island Dishes – a cookbook with an impressive list of top chefs, including Brian Turner, Rick Stein, Albert Roux, John Williams and Gary Rhodes, among many other well-known names. 

I was sent a copy to have a nosey, then try out one of the recipes that I will be making and posting later, I also have been given five copies to give away to Given To Distracting Others readers.

Maldon asked more than 60 of the world’s top chefs: ‘What’s the one dish you couldn’t live without – your desert island dish?’ The responses led to a book filled with inspiration, diversity and new twists on popular dishes. Every single nominated recipe pays tribute to the versatility and uniqueness of Maldon salt.

Universally loved, Maldon sea salt remains the ingredient of choice among the world’s top chefs and in home kitchens alike, creating a universal community of cooks.  Food critic and Maldon enthusiast Jay Rayner, who provided the introduction for the book, says, “Maldon salt is one of the tightest links between the amateur and the professional kitchen. It is the salt others are measured by. If proof were needed take a look at the remarkable list of great cooks who have contributed to this book”.

Its a really good read, firstly I love the full sized photos of the dishes, the recipes are home favourites of mine such as a roast beef dinner to real gourmet affair,  such as Adam Byatt’s Beetroot-cured salmon gravadlax, or even the delicious Soft chocolate caramel with almonds and Maldon sea from Alain Roux – a welcome end to any meal.
        L-R: Alan Coxon’s Fish in a tamarind and coconut curry; Chris and Jeff Galvin’s Chilled English asparagus with truffle vinaigrette; Paul Gayler’s Chocolate brownies with Maldon sea salt milk jam.

This salt preserved chilli pepper recipe is easy and one I intend to make, I think it will be far better than freezing them and I use a lot. There are chefs tips scattered through the book, such as firming up fish before cooking by sprinkling with Maldon salt. Chopping garlic, mixing with the Maldon's and covering with olive oil, then this can be stored for a couple of weeks and added to fave dishes.

As for the Maldon Salt itself, its a lovely fresh taste, I know its strange but all salt does not taste the same, this seems sweeter, more flavourful. Its incredibly good on roast potatoes before they are cooked.

I cannot wait to try the recipe soon and I will be back with the giveaway shortly.

Desert Island Dishes is a beautifully presented 192 page hardback book with a foreword by Brian Turner and an introduction by Jay Rayner. The book is published by Infinite Ideas and will be on sale at a recommended retail price of £18.99 in Waterstones, Foyles, Daunt Books and all other good booksellers from 8th October, with pre-order on Amazon available immediately.

Disclosure I was given a free product and copy of the book. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company. 

Swizzels Matlow Squashies Review

Some of my childhood sweet favourites Drumsticks, Refreshers, Love Hearts and Double Lollies, have been transformed by Swizzels Matlow into fun, squashy gummy sweets and I for one love them.
I fondly remember eating Drumstick lollies, I love biting in and pulling the chewy sweet and leaving trails of string sweetness. Double lollies were another favourite, I loved the crumbly chalky feel and I also used to try to savour both by making them last as long as I could.

Now I imagine these being geared towards children, but I can also see a few adults tucking into these to bring back happy memories.
They are 45g bags so good for savouring all to yourself plus there is a bigger share bag, still good for savouring all to yourself, heehee!!
I gave a drumstick lolly one without letting him see the bag and it totally threw him, he kept saying " Ooh what does that remind me of?" and after I had given him a couple, to save the whole bag going I told him. He said "Ahhh, that's it, yes they taste the same without the annoying stick!"
The Double Lollies were sweet, sugary and quite different from the lolly but we loved them.

With no artificial colours making them a lot better, I can see me popping a few in my trolley.

And don’t forget to download the new free Squashies World App – a cute and challenging game with up to 80 levels, visit www.swizzels-matlow.com/squashies to download.

Squashies will be available from retailers including; Asda, Sainsbury’s and Co-op RRP £1.49 for a 160g bag, RRP 45p for a 45g mini packet.

The Squashies World App is available or both iphone and android. The app is available to download from www.squashiesworld.com

Disclosure I was given  two free products. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Bluebeards Revenge Review

Well I am the reluctant wife of a Movember male this month. I do actually have a secret pride for what Chris has decided to do, I just am on my guard as I think the tache will stay if I show any encouragement, but that is Decembers battle.

I write this post even though The Bluebeards Revenge is an all male product. The warning for girls to keep away does have my fingers twitching to use it,  I believe the male hair free products are in general higher quality and more efficient.

But for the purpose of this great charity, my fingers have only touched the outside of the giftbox and the result of Chris's skin after use.
The kit is a great starter  for the man who usually uses a disposable razor. Its also sold as a travel set and costs £19.99.

Chris usually uses a gel and razor and this was a different experience altogether. In the set  were a  Shaving Cream,  Post Shave Balm a Doubloon Brush and Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.

Chris put an almond sized amount of the shaving cream on the brush. He said it felt light but in a way sticky, a good sticky in that it covered his skin well for such a small amount so feels it gives it good value. He liked the creamy sensation and using the brush seemed to fluff it up and at the same time, made his stubble stand up more. 

I loved the scent on his skin, its manly but not overly scented. It would smell nice on my skin, but I am banned. I think since growing the mo, Chris is really getting into the grooming,pampering routine and I believe this is a good thing, he is a very busy man at work,lots of responsibility and  these sessions, especially with the brush and cream have really relaxed him.

The cream is paraben free with added ingredients to specifically combat tough stubble and it does seem to make the bristles softer and more easy to remove Chris noticed.

The finished effect was most impressive, Chris decided not to use a new razor as he wanted to test the closeness of the shave using the cream and brush. It was really and I mean really good, his skin apart from being incredibly soft and smooth to the touch, was so comfortable he commented. He does get a lot of irritation and occasional burn which has made him a reluctant shaver. He is more inclined to shave as its a pleasant experience.

The balm gives a lovely finish, it has Aloe Vera, a plant I have on the window sill to help with any skin irritations and burns from cooking. Its a know healing plant. Witch hazel has lots of good healing and skin soothing properties too.

I am impressed with the last week of him using this and my fingers are twitching to use it, however for the sake of Movember I will resign myself to the pleasure or stoking his smooth face, well the parts that have not got the tache.


Disclosure I was given a free product. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Silent Sunday

Friday, 16 November 2012

Cheese and Onion Homity Pie

This is a take on Homity Pie, inspired by my Granny and her time in the Land Army.  Also known as Slimming World Cheese and Onion pie

Rations were in full force back then , fresh produce could be hard to come by. Food on the farm in Wales where she served was used. On the farm where she worked, eggs leeks cheese and potatoes were often used as a main meal.  There are many variants to the dish. Homity Pie was often served in pastry with just onion cheese and potato. Happily rationing does not apply nowadays and more ingredients can be used. Seasonal veg, bacon or pancetta works very well.

 I make it as a souffle type dish using eggs to give it substance and a lovely puffed up appearance.  

Its a great recipe for leftovers, mash eggs and cheese.  Without the bacon and using leeks when in season, this is a great frugal but tasty dish. 

It works well for Slimming World members, Fry Light works well instead of oil, also the cheese can be measured  for a  Healthy Extra A allowance. (42g of low fat cheddar)  I use 168 g for 4 servings, you can use more if not following a SW diet.

I used the new Bisto Stock Melts for this recipe, any fresh vegetable stock would be good as well.

You will need a large frying pan or a large saucepan to fry the mixture and add  the ingredients to.

The mixture does not look entirely appealing in the preparation stage, please  trust me,  the taste is great, its  comforting, stodgy and not at all what you would imagine as a low fat dish. I am a happy size 8 dropping three dress sizes eating this at least once a month. Served with super free  foods, salad, baked beans or vegetables. It always amazed me as it tastes so naughty.

It serves 4 but feel free to halve the recipe.


2 lbs of potatoes peeled and chopped.
1 onion
2 medium leeks 
A large handful of peas
Pack of smoked bacon fat removed and chopped
2 garlic cloves
1/2 tsp of thyme
168 to 250 g of grated mature cheese.
2 eggs
150 ml vegetable stock

Preheat the oven to Gas 6, 200 C or Fan 180.
Cook potatoes and mash, set to one side.
Meanwhile cook the leeks and the onions until nearly soft and add the bacon pieces and garlic.
Once cooked, add the mash to the mix, then add the eggs, thyme and stock. The mixture will be quite liquid. Add in two third to three quarters of the cheese, beat well.

Add the mixture to a large ovenproof dish or individual dishes.
Sprinkle over the remaining cheese.
Decorate with tomato slices and place in the oven, cook for 20- 30 minutes until golden brown.

Bisto Stock Melts

I love a good stock in my recipes and do like to use homemade but often I just run out or have not the time to make. I make risottos, stews and stir fries they all need a little extra flavour and Bisto offered me their new Stock Melts to try. What I do like is that they do what they say on the pack, melt, so no stodgy lumps to stir out. Flavour wise they use meat juices, herbs and seasonings to give a natural flavour, the lower salt content appeals to me as I try to avoid salt in dishes if I can. 

The vegetable stock melts have  been great to use in my Cheese and Onion/ Homity Pie. See the recipe here. http://giventodistractingothers.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/cheese-and-onion-homity-pie.html

The flavour adds to the meal perfectly and the reduced salt means this dish is healthier. I just added to boiling water and they melt beautifully, the great benefit is there is no need to add water,you can just pop one into a soup or casserole for added flavour.

I will be adding the melts to most of my  stew recipes when I have no fresh stock. 

2012 has been a great year to be British and if you’re feeling the swell of pride why not indulge in some tasty British dishes made with new Bisto Stock Melts. Thanks to Bisto it’s now easier than ever to prepare great tasting British meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Bisto is using its expertise to make everyday meals taste even better.  New Bisto Stock Melts are little portions of concentrated stock that contain real meat juices, herbs and seasoning to deliver extra depth of flavour and enhance dinnertime dishes with a richer taste.  What is more, they’re lower in salt than Knorr Stock Pots so you can feel confident with what you’re feeding your family.
Whether your family enjoys traditional British fare such as home-made soups, pies and casseroles, or meals from other cuisines which have become British favourites like spaghetti bolognese or chicken risotto, there’s a Bisto Stock Melt flavour to suit everyone.  

Packed in individual pots, Bisto Stock Melts can be added directly in your cooking without the need to dilute them first – so no mess, no fuss – they just melt deliciously rich deep flavour directly into your home cooked meals.
Available in supermarkets from early September 2012 in packs of six for £1.89. Make sure you look out for Bisto Stock Melts and make your home-cooked meals taste even more delicious with no fuss.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

‘Bring It On Home’ cookbook for Mo Bro Chefs

Mo Bro Chefs
In 2010 Movember challenged Mo Bros around the country to have confidence in the kitchen, take pride in the meals they prepared and to ‘Cook like a Man’. In 2011 they ventured to the countryside and showed Mo Bros how to hunt, forage and fish for their supper with ‘Cook From The Land’. This year, Mo Bro chefs share their wisdom and knowledge with ‘Bring It On Home’- a new cookbook that encourages their fellow Mo Bros & Mo Sistas to celebrate Movember and host a dinner party during the month of Movember.

Chris is cultivating his mo this November and seems to be spending lots of time with it, so I fear I may not be able to encourage him to host a dinner party. I however have been flicking through the Bring It On cookbook and even for me some fab recipes stand out, the one I fancy trying is the Roast Loin of Lamb in Bread. The recipe includes you making the dough and placing mustard and pesto seasoned lamb inside. Easier recipes to tackle are Lemon Posset Brulee, Chris feels he could manage a few of the desserts.

He was taken with the tips on creating a good dinner party, even though he would only really practice on me. I do know a few guys who like to cook for their mates and this makes for great reading.

Another bit to keep Chris quiet for a while were the kitchen tools that are essentials and had him creating a wish list and entertaining a Mo Sista (Me I believe).

With delicious recipes the cookbook teaches men ‘if it’s worth doing – it’s worth doing right’ and to cook amazing meals with dishes that are tailored to help make hosting a dinner party simple – so more time can be spent around the table celebrating Movember and having fun.

Chefs from Oxo Tower, Caravan, the ETM pub group, game experts The Wild Game Co and supper club pioneer Simon ‘Ferdie’ Fernandez are just some of the many Mo Bro chefs who have shared their knowledge with mouth watering recipes in ‘Bring It On Home’. Make your dinner party memorable with a simple duck breast salad, mussels cooked with chilli jam, a whole poached trout or a coffee bean panna cotta and know that your guests will be blown away with your cooking prowess.

For more information on ‘Bring It On Home’ visit http://uk.movember.com/

A few facts on Movember:

Movember is about real men growing real moustaches and talking about real issues
The Moustache is our ribbon for men’s health
Movember is about changing the face of men’s health, one moustache at a time
Mo Bros sporting upper lip hair effectively become walking talking billboards for the 30 days of Movember raising funds and much needed awareness around the often ignored issues of men’s health
In 2011, over 854,288 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised over £79.3 million globally
In 2011 over 254,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised over £22 million in the UK
Since its humble beginnings in Melbourne Australia in 2003, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement with campaigns in 21 countries in 2012
Mo Bros start the month clean shaven, then grow and groom their moustache all month long

Mo Bros and Mo Sistas register to participate at www.movember.com from October