Monday, 22 October 2012

Paramount Zone Review Touch Screen Gloves

Touch Screen Gloves / Smart Gloves

I am reviewing a rather handy (no pun intended) gift from Paramount Zone the Touch Screen Gloves. 
These clever little gloves  not only keep your hands warm ,they hide a rather clever technological advance.
As Paramount state on the description

They feature an amazing conductive thread which provides the required capitance (we think that's some kind of electrical connection magic for touchscreens) in each fingertip. So now when the phone rings you can swipe and answer a call as normal. Although we should warn you that the Touch Screen Gloves can't help with actually finding your phone in the first place. 

Now apart from these being one of Paramount Zone's vast range of great secret santa ideas for work for me they are a must for my cold hands. 
As regular readers know I suffer with Raynaud's Disease, a condition that affects the blood supply to certain parts of my body,namely fingers, toes and in my case my nose. I get it just getting food from the freezer, going out in cold weather and for me if my phone rings, I just don't bother to answer it as I have had to in the past remove my gloves as they slither across a smart phone screen, hitting the wrong buttons and I often miss the call. 
Smart phones just do not work with gloved hands, so in cold weather I have to remove normal gloves to use a phone. The pain that occurs in my fingers just does not make me inclined to take the call. 
However now as a full time carer for my Granny, its important I now take all calls.

The temperature has dropped this weekend and the Raynaud's is back with a vengeance, I went shopping with my daughter Paige this weekend and I tried the gloves out and about.

Firstly the gloves are one size, they fit Chris's large mitts, they also snugly fit mine my hands are very small but they were the right size. The all important feel test passed my high standards. I have an aversion to scratchy woollen gloves, I've been known to throw gloves across a room if they  set my teeth on edge, happily my teeth and gloves stayed in place. Thirdly the gloves kept me warm. So far so good.

I wanted to have a play  using my phone, but I decided to just wait for a call and give them a first trial in a real setting. It was not long before my phone rang and I was rooting through my bag.
The unlock button worked easily and I pressed answer, they worked!!

I found them easy to use, the phone felt secure while I spoke and I was able to press the end call.

I decided to try texting later in the day and I found it as easy as without gloves, for me this is no mean feat, I am new to smart phones, in fact only two weeks since I got my HTC One V.

I was able to choose my victim friend, type and send my message with ease.

The gloves work on all touchscreen devices, all the fingers of the gloves have the special conductive threads so great if you have a phone that uses pinch, scroll or you just like to use both hands. My pair were trialled on my phone the HTC , also on my hubby's Blackberry, he was impressed and I will be putting them on my Christmas gift buying list for him and maybe more.

The Touch Screen Gloves at cost £4.99 they make an ideal gift. They are £9.99 elsewhere and if you spend over £14 the delivery is free.

 Paramount Zone have a wide selection of lifestyle accessories, all available to buy  online . The product range includes the latest fun and funky gadgets, games, tech stuff, sports gadgets, mp3 players, executive items/toys, lifestyle accessories, bachelor pad items, boy's toys, and bar items.

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 Disclosure I was given a free product. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company


  1. These are genius! I need a pair of these for winter

    1. They are indeed, they also work on self serve supermarket screens I just found out.

  2. Not keen to be honest! I'm quite a clumsy typer as it is :(

    1. Me too Lyn, that's what makes them cool. I would not necessarily be texting lots but at the bus stop yes, but it saves even the cold from fingers when you answer your phone, end call etc.

  3. What a fantastic idea and thank you because now I know what I'm getting my son for Xmas! haha :)

  4. thank you for the review I always wondered if these actually worked



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