Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tesco Mobile Package of Perks

As you all know I'm a busy mum with teenage twins, as a blogger lots of features are  are geared toward the tinies. But my big kids like a few perks too. They have outgrown the Lego and Barbies and their playtime is mainly console and mobile led.

So they were mightily pleased when Tesco Mobile sent them a package of perks.

The first thing spotted was the chocolate mini fingers, children young and old,  all dive in for the sweets first. Whilst nibbling, they continued to search and next out was a Costa Card, squabbling not permitted my twin daughter and son agreed to share a mocha chocca  frappe oojamaflip ( I'm fast losing track of the ubercool terms for a coffee) and continue rooting through the package. 
Out came a Tesco Giftcard, handy for lunchtimes at college as a local Tesco Metro is just down the road. 
The mobile phone charger was claimed by Conor, his phone apparently has a worse life than Paige's!!!
Paige settled for the 500 Free Days out book, settling back with her chocolate and planning her days out with her boyfriend.

The aim of the package is to highlight that Tesco have a new mobile phone package to help busy families by offering a single mobile phone bill for up to five handsets.
Whats good about this is you only have to have two handsets on the same contract to qualify, with each member of the family then able to choose one of the perks:

500 extra minutes to Tesco Mobile phones
150 extra minutes to any network
250MB of extra data.

This is appealing as it s gives parents the ability to treat the teens to extra minutes, data etc for free and I know many teens use more time on their phones than most adults.
The 500 extra minutes would be ideal for Conor who is fixed to his phone as soon as its topped up. Paige who is constantly online as she has her blog and  with Ricky off to uni next week, will be facebooking him lots on their private page.

The perks can also be changed at any time.

I had a look at the deals on the Family Builder page and have seen monthly deals for £15 a month for a Blackberry curve as both my teens have these phones already and pay that amount, sometimes more, I will be delving in  more closely.

 Disclosure I was given  free products ( £10 Costa and Tesco gift cards, Cadbury Mini Fingers an emergency mobile charger and a 500 Free Days Out Book. I was under no obligation to receive the pack or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.


  1. fantastic. will have to look into this some more.

    great you got some nice treats x

  2. I saw the advert fr their family mobile plan the other day and thought it was a good idea, would have helped my parents out a lot when I was younger! Lovely the teens got to benefit from the goodies as well :)

  3. Hey - this looks good. We've got one mobile with Tesco already and service is good. I'll have to see if I can add andother - hope it's not too complicated to set up?

  4. Thats a good idea would make everything a lot easier